By Joe Pietaro for

When Arnold Schwarzenegger himself publicly stated that he felt that Cedric McMillan should have fared better than fourth place in Ohio, the humongous US Army veteran may have felt a little peace of mind.

In an Arnold Classic line-up that was rife with extended midsections, Big Mac came in with his usual aesthetic physique, albeit one that was not in top condition. Then he heard the criticism that he should have competed a week later at the Arnold Australia and perhaps the timing would have been perfect for him to cut down a bit and get in better shape. But McMillan decided to sit that one out.

But once he put his name into the hat that is the FIBO Power in Germany in two weeks, the picture became a little clearer and McMillan's strategy seems sound.

Would he have been able to knock off Dexter Jackson, who was not one of the bigger bellied bodybuilders on stage in Columbus and who held his conditioning in the Land Down Under? Probably not, so he would have had to settle for moving up a place or two at best.

At least with the April 11 show, he has a very legitimate chance to come out on top. McMillan won this show in 2013 and is the clear cut favorite out of the few that have signed up: Fouad Abiad, Michael Kefalianos and Daniel Toth.

If he leaves Germany with the winner's check and an automatic Olympia qualification, McMillan can utilize the next six months in preparation for the sport's biggest stage - one much more prestigious than Australia.

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