Written by Joe Pietaro for musclemecca.com

It's one thing wearing the black hat, but when you go after the greatest "sheriff" that has ever been around, you make new enemies that would have been on your side otherwise.

Such is the case with Phil Heath, the four-time defending Mr. Olympia that took a cheap shot at Arnold Schwarzenegger and has since been on attack mode to the critics on social media.

Heath has never been viewed as a humble champion, especially the way he was portrayed in "Generation Iron." Lying in a bubble bath playing the part of a rich tycoon didn't exactly resonate well with the gym rat crowd. But, hey, it was a documentary film and needed a little pizzazz.

But the man known as "The Gift" has come across like a pompous ass of late and many fans are being vocal about not only rooting for a new champion come September, but classifying Heath as the most despised Mr. O of all time.

Taking nothing away from his accomplishments, Heath has carved himself a dynasty with four consecutive wins in the sport's most prestigious show. But he has not done himself any favors by being the polar opposite of previous winners such as Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman.

It is very hard to unseat the reigning champion unless he comes in totally off and Heath should be able to get his timing right competing only once a year.

So the next factor is has he said enough wrong things about the right people. Considering that many people in the industry also went after Schwarzenegger for his comments about the judging, that would seem rather unlikely.

Barring a huge upset, the bodybuilding fans will have to deal with Heath - the good and the bad - for another year.

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