I just heard from a member I haven't heard from since 2013! He was here as bakersman94, otherwise known as Wes Chambers.

Here is what he just sent me:
hey Muscle Mecca Bodybuilding, i am so busy with other things also
bodybuilding related that i just haven`t had the time for musclemecca!!
i had quadruple bypass surgery on March 9th, 2017. a month later on April
10th, 2017, i turned 66. about the middle of June the hospital had me
come in for some cardio. we had to do 5 cardio sessions in all. on my
last cardio day the gym staff wanted to know what i was going to be
doing for exercise!! i told them i was already talking an hour long
walk every day, and that a gym had opened on the route of my walk, and
i would check it out!! i kept my word and called the gym when i
returned home!! i told them what machines i was using for my cardio
and they invited me in for a tour!! when i left the gym that day (July
26th, 2017) i had registration papers to fill out, so i knew i was
in!! the next day one of my nephew`s called to see how we were doing!!
my sis told him of my interest to join this new gym. he called the
gym, paid for my registration, the security card (it's a private
exclusive gym and the doors are locked) and a years worth of monthly
payments!! the first 10 to 12 days i was there 7 days a week doing
cardio, but the weights were calling me!! i called the hospital to see
when i could start weight training as i didn`t want to do too much too
quickly and hurt myself. they gave me the go ahead to start weight
training. i went to the gym for about another 6 to 8 days, alternating
between cardio one day, and weight training the next!! as of August
14th, 2017 i dropped the cadrio and started weight training full time,
but taking one day off each week so my body could recover from 6 days
of full body workouts!! now here i am 14 months later, as of July
14th, and i haven`t missed a day. i lost 17 pounds, but started to put
on Muscle, so it was difficult to know how much body fat i was losing.
2 weeks ago the gym gave me a body scan, i had added a significant
amount of Muscle mass, and went from 38% body fat to 19% body fat!!
i`m doing very well now and am hooked on weight training!!! with love
from Wes!! hugs!!!
It is always great to hear from a long lost musclemecca member!

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