2019 Toronto Pro Results and Scorecards
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    2019 Toronto Pro Results and Scorecards

    Here are the final results for the 2019 Toronto Pro. We will have the rest of the final scorecards very soon. Congratulations to all the winners!

    Menís Open Bodybuilding Results
    1. Jon Delarosa
    2. Iain Valliere
    3. Josh Wade
    4. Joe Seeman
    5. Quinton Eriya

    Menís 212 Results
    1. Adolphus Quoida
    2. Mahmoud Al Durrah
    3. Prince Boabang

    Menís Physique Results
    1. Julian Colley
    2. Michael Mperey
    3. Matt Acton

    Fitness Results
    1. Jodi Boam
    2. Tamara Vahn
    3. Sara Kovach

    Bikini Results
    1. Etila Santiago
    2. Jennifer Dorie
    3. Jennifer Ronzitti

    Figure Results
    1. Tarryn Garlington
    2. Anna Banks
    3. Sandra Grajales

    2019 Toronto Pro Fitness Scorecard Final
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    re: 2019 Toronto Pro Results and Scorecards

    More 2019 Toronto Pro final scorecards and final results
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    re: 2019 Toronto Pro Results and Scorecards

    Congratulations to Jon Delarosa for winning another one!

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    Menís Open Bodybuilding Results
    1. Jon Delarosa
    2. Iain Valliere
    3. Josh Wade
    4. Joe Seeman
    5. Quinton Eriya

    Jon Delarosa:
    Well we did it again. This was never about wins and losses. This was never about beating anyone on or off stage. This was about bringing a certain look to the stage that I hadnít before. Mission accomplished! I want to take this time to thank my coach @neil_yoda_hill1 for believing in me so fiercely that even at times of doubt he would look me in the eyes and tell me I would be great in time! To trust the process and believe in myself always. @flex_lewis And Neil took me in when I was broken and beaten by life yet still saw that young boy inside of me that always dreamt of being one of the best was still there! That young boy has seen for himself what we are capable of and believes yet again! @flex_lewis my training partner for the last 6 months. Brother I canít thank you enough for opening your home and family up to me. For allowing me to grow relationships with your loved ones outside of the gym. For always believing in me and pushing me to be my best in everything I do! Ill make sure come September it was all worth both your time! Now letís get to work! 15 weeks....



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