Cocaine Dealer Blames Steroids and Bodybuilding for Life of Crime
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    Re: Cocaine Dealer Blames Steroids and Bodybuilding for Life of Crime

    Irish man says steroids changed his thinking and caused him to engage in criminal activities.
    Cormac Sheehan got caught with a car full of cocaine I'm and anabolic steroids. The cocaine dealer blamed years of anabolic steroid use and bodybuilding for negatively affecting his thinking. Sheehan never would have engaged in such a reckless and irresponsible (and illegal) behavior if it weren’t for steroids according to his barrister.
    Police seized €8,300 worth of cocaine during a traffic stop early last year according to Detective Garda Des Cogan. In addition, large quantities of anabolic steroids were found in both his car and his home.
    Sheehan pleaded guilty to having cocaine for sale or supply, distributing unauthorized medicinal products and possession of prescription only medications without a prescription in July 2018.

    Sheehan’s attorney made the ridiculous claim that an adverse effect of steroid use is reckless thinking.

    Donal O’Sullivan, the barrister representing Sheehan, summed up Sheehan’s unusual defense strategy during a sentencing hearing before Judge Gerard O’Brien at the Cork Circuit Criminal Court.

    “[Cormac] was bodybuilding for many years and taking them (steroids) for many years. He is no longer doing so. He has gone for counselling and gone to his GP,” O’Sullivan said. “One could not imagine how it has come to his. He had been abusing steroids for many years. They affect a person’s thinking.
    “They make reckless thinking more likely. This behavior was out of character for him.”

    Of course, there is no evidence to such that anabolic steroid use leads to “reckless thinking” or “out of character” behavior”. But Sheehan did not need any evidence. He just needed the word of his attorney.
    O’Sullivan argued that Sheehan had completely stopped lifting weights, bodybuilding and using steroids. Therefore, Sheehan’s thinking was supposedly normal once again.
    Judge O’Brien was not entirely convinced by O’Sullivan’s fantastical defense strategy seeking to scapegoat steroids for his client’s actions. To the contrary, the judge felt it was out of character for a bodybuilder to be involved in selling steroids.
    Nonetheless, O’Brien did not feel the need to send Sheehan to jail. The judge gave Sheehan a fully suspended four-year sentence. The judge cited Sheehan’s cooperation following his arrest in addition to other background information provided by his barrister.

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