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    What can cause shoulder cracking or popping?

    Hearing a cracking or popping in the shoulder can be unsettling. However, unless it accompanies pain, swelling, or other symptoms, joint cracking and popping are generally harmless.

    Cracking, clicking, and popping sounds are quite common in the joints. Doctors refer to this as crepitus. Though crepitus happens often, the reason that joints pop is not always clear.

    Scientists have thought that the noise may have something to do with the release of gas from the fluid or the spaces within the joints.

    The shoulder is a complicated part of the skeleton. Two joints provide movement, including the glenohumeral joint, in which the head of the long bone in the upper arm fits into a shallow socket. Some know this as a ball-and-socket joint.

    Read on to learn more about common causes of cracking shoulders, as well as treatments, when necessary.

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    Re: What can cause shoulder cracking or popping?

    My idea of the noise in the joints particularly when I am doing heavy lifting or sometimes even during my push up session is the lack of warm up. That is why I always do enough bending and stretching to acclimatize my muscles and joints to the exercise that I will be doing otherwise there might be a problem that we call in our language “banat” which means undue stress due to stretched ligaments.



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