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Thread: The afer 6 diet

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    The afer 6 diet

    When I saw my chubby cousin with a good shape and no more bulging tummy I was really surprised. He said that he was on the After 6 Diet which is a simple type of dieting. He eats and drinks anything regardless of volume. But after 6 pm there is no more food or drink. He lost more than 30 pounds in 6 months so I was confident that my wife can also shed off her more than 20 pounds of excess weight. But after 1 year of being on the After 6 Diet it seems that she had lost only 5 pounds in total. I guess there is something wrong.

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    Re: The afer 6 diet

    The after-six diet seems like a form of intermittent fasting, with just a different name. Intermittent fasting is actually pretty healthy because our body is either digesting food, or it is using it to build up our body, which happens when we are not digesting.
    So, by eating the last meal earlier and then nothing until the next morning, your body has time to use the food nutrition overnight and have you ready for the next day. Some people only have one meal a day, which is more extensive intermittent fasting.

    After I learned that it was better to not eat close to bedtime, I have changed my eating habits , and now I try to have two meals a day. The first one is kind of a brunch, or late breakfast, and it is usually the main meal.
    My second meal would be the later afternoon one, and here I try to have something that will help keep me from craving food later on in the day.
    I do not always succeed at this plan, but it is at least something that I strive towards, and it has helped me to eat less overnight.



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