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2023 Ashoor Classic Bodybuilding Show

Bodybuilding News

Bodybuilding News

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Jul 17, 2013
This year, the international bodybuilding community has its eyes set on the Ashoor Classic Bodybuilding Show scheduled for September 15, 2023, in Tripoli, Libya. The prestigious event boasts two IFBB Pro League contests: Classic Physique and Men's Physique. Winners will secure a spot in the Olympia Weekend taking place from November 2-5, 2023, in Orlando, Florida. This high-stakes competition might be small in scale but is undoubtedly monumental for competitors vying for Olympia glory.

2023 Ashoor Classic

In-Depth Roster Analysis: A Glimpse of the Competitors​

Classic Physique Competitors: The Titans of Form and Symmetry​

  1. Krimo Ammari (UAE) - A seasoned athlete who's participated in multiple events this year alone. With his third-place finishes at the Chicago Pro and Lenda Murray Atlanta Pro, Krimo is a frontrunner.
  2. Masoud Harouni (Iran) - Marking his grand return to the stage after a three-year hiatus. Harouni's last performance was a seventh-place finish at the 2020 Romania Muscle Fest Pro.

Men’s Physique Competitors: Sculptors of Lean Mass​

  1. Mahmut Alan (Turkey) - An emerging talent with sixth-place finishes at both the Pacific USA Pro and Phoenix Pro events in the current season.
  2. Omer Bahmed (Qatar)
  3. Hachemi Hemza (Algeria) - Making his 2023 debut after a seventh-place finish at the 2022 Mexico Grand Battle Pro.
  4. Ozcan Kirant (Turkey)
  5. Cetin Koroglu (Turkey)
  6. Khalid Ahmed Shewaiter (Qatar) - A rookie who recently ranked 15th at the Flex Weekend Pro.
  7. Furkan Tunc (Turkey)

Athletes in Focus: A Closer Look at Potential Winners​

Krimo Ammari's Ascent to the Top​

Krimo Ammari, an athlete representing the United Arab Emirates, has demonstrated consistent performance. He has had multiple podium finishes this year, suggesting that the Ashoor Classic could finally be his chance to seize that elusive pro win.

The Enigmatic Return of Masoud Harouni​

Masoud Harouni from Iran is the dark horse in the Classic Physique category. His three-year sabbatical has intrigued fans and competitors alike, making his comeback one of the most highly anticipated moments of the show.

Mahmut Alan: Rising Star in Men’s Physique​

Mahmut Alan of Turkey, a sophomore in the professional league, has already proven himself with sixth-place finishes this year. With the smaller contestant pool at Ashoor Classic, his chances of impressing the judges have substantially increased.

Khalid Ahmed Shewaiter: The Wildcard Entry​

The rookie from Qatar, Khalid Ahmed Shewaiter, showed potential at the Flex Weekend Pro. Given the smaller size of the competition, Shewaiter has an opportunity to make a considerable impact on the judges.

Men’s Physique

Mahmut Alan (Turkey)
Omer Bahmed (Qatar)
Hachemi Hemza (Algeria)
Ozcan Kirant (Turkey)
Cetin Koroglu (Turkey)
Khalid Ahmed Shewaiter (Qatar)
Furkan Tunc (Turkey)

Classic Physique

Krimo Ammari (UAE)
Masoud Harouni (Iran)

Conclusion: The Ashoor Classic as the Stepping Stone to Olympia Glory​

While the Ashoor Classic Bodybuilding Show may be smaller in scale compared to other IFBB Pro League events, its importance cannot be understated. This competition provides the golden ticket for athletes to advance to the Olympia Weekend, the pinnacle of bodybuilding. Whether it's the proven talent or the rising stars, each athlete will bring their A-game to Tripoli, making the 2023 Ashoor Classic an event that no bodybuilding aficionado should miss.

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