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2023 Hurricane Pro Final Scorecards and results

Bodybuilding News

Bodybuilding News

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Jul 17, 2013
2023hurricanePRO 102123 scorecardCP 1001x1024

2023hurricanePRO 102123 scorecardCP2 1024x922

2023hurricanePRO 102123 scorecardMP 1010x1024

2023hurricanePRO 102123 scorecardMP2 1024x960

2023hurricanePRO 102123 scorecardFIG 966x1024

2023hurricanePRO 102123 scorecardFIG2 1024x983

2023hurricanePRO 102123 scorecardBIK 961x1024
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MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew
May 11, 2012

2023 Hurricane Pro: A Comprehensive Overview of Monumental Victories and Celebrated Achievements​

In the heart of St. Petersburg, FL, an event reverberated through the world of bodybuilding and fitness, marking unforgettable triumphs and monumental accomplishments. The 2023 Hurricane Pro spectacularly unveiled a tapestry of prodigious talents, as over a hundred competitors graced the stage, embodying excellence in Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, Bikini, and Figure contests.

Unveiling the Champions: A Close Look at The Victorious​

Each segment of the competition unfurled a unique tale of perseverance, determination, and unmatched prowess, culminating in the crowning of deserving victors who etched their names in the annals of the Hurricane Pro’s illustrious history.

Classic Physique: The Domain of Titans​

In a breathtaking display of symmetry, aesthetics, and raw physical artistry, Nathaniel Joiner emerged as the undisputed champion of the Classic Physique category. Marking his indelible imprint on the IFBB Pro League, Joiner's debut resounded with impeccable posing and a magnificent physique that captivated both judges and audiences alike, securing his esteemed position at the 2024 Olympia.

Men’s Physique: The Arena of Aesthetic Warriors​

Carlos DeOliveira’s magnificent return to the stage was marked by a performance that melded immaculate conditioning with captivating stage presence. Commanding the platform with a presence that bespoke his unwavering dedication, DeOliveira triumphed, ensuring his pathway to the illustrious 2024 Olympia.

Figure: The Celebration of Feminine Fortitude​

Manifesting a fusion of extraordinary muscularity and exquisite symmetry, Christine Stearns arose as the epitome of triumph in the Figure category. Her formidable presence, complemented by an unyielding display of refinement and dedication, heralded her ascension as the deserving victor, setting the stage for her forthcoming journey to the 2024 Olympia.

Bikini: The Paradigm of Radiance and Elegance​

In a dazzling convergence of grace, vibrancy, and impeccable physique, Jordan Brannon captured the admiration of spectators and judges, flourishing as the remarkable winner of the Bikini division. Her victory was a testament to an exemplary manifestation of beauty and strength, spotlighting her among the distinguished elite progressing to the 2024 Olympia.

Embarking on Olympian Journeys: A Projection into Future Triumphs​

The commendable victories at the Hurricane Pro underscored not merely the culmination of intense preparation and unyielding dedication but also the inception of a glorified journey towards the hallowed platforms of the 2024 Olympia. With their remarkable triumphs, each champion has illuminated their path with the promise of extraordinary possibilities and future accolades in the realm of bodybuilding and fitness excellency.
In the wake of the Hurricane Pro’s illustrious unfoldings, the stage is now set for an enthralling display of monumental accomplishments and epic contests in the upcoming Olympia. The champions, adorned with the laurels of their hard-won victories, will now venture forth, carrying the torch of their successes to illuminate the world’s most prestigious bodybuilding arena.

2023 Hurricane Pro Results

Classic Physique

Nathaniel Joiner (USA)
Siem Goossens (The Netherlands)
Cody Amey (Canada)
Michael Palm (USA)
Zanyar Ghaderpour (USA)
Emilio Born (USA)
Anthony Barbera III (USA)
Eric Abelon (USA)
Zack Romano (USA)
Oshanda Rhoden (USA)
No Athlete Listed*
No Athlete Listed*
Daniel Hughes (USA) / Sali Bacovic (USA) — (T-13th)
Alex Pomeroy (USA)
Laurent Bernardini (France)

Men’s Physique
Carlos DeOliveira (Brazil)
Mehdi Kabbadj (USA)
Christopher Barr (USA)
Hossein Karimi (USA)
Benquil Marigny (USA)
Winston Sullivan (USA)
Deke Walker (USA)
Brett Mario Jackson (USA)
Jamal Everette (USA)
Brock Jenkins (USA)
Abrahan Sanchez (USA)
Evan Kanu (USA)
Kelvin Morel (USA)
Emerson Brahimir (Canada)
Ricky Armon Wilson (USA)

Christine Stearns (USA)
Autumn Cleveland (USA)
Adela Ondrejovicova (Slovakia)
Thais Cabrices Werner (USA)
Mayra Rocha Hernandez (Mexico)
Deshane Price (USA)
Kelly Estrada (Venezuela)
Mary Nyarko Omale (Ghana)
Courtney Jacobs (USA)
Karen Vitor (USA)
Melissa Brodsky (USA)
Laura Ehlen (USA)
Rachel Stuckart (USA)
Kelly Dominick (USA)
Maria Wattel (The Netherlands)

Jordan Brannon (USA)
Ariana Brothers (USA)
Noelle Agnew (USA)
Tatiana Lanovenko (Russia)
Ndeye Ndour (USA)
Phoebe Hagan (USA)
Rachael Oberst (USA)
Lacy Rutland (USA)
Erin Mayrhofer (USA)
Shey Webb (USA)
Gigi Amurao (USA)
Phoebe Goodwin (UK)
Kate Orara (USA)
Jule Schwabe (Austria)
Angela Ruscilli (USA)

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