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2023 Masters Olympia Final Scorecards

Bodybuilding News

Bodybuilding News

Well-known member
Jul 17, 2013
The 2023 Masters Olympia is an annual bodybuilding competition held by the International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (IFBB) for male professional bodybuilders ages 40 and over.

2023mastersolympia scorecard212

2023mastersolympia scorecardCP

2023mastersolympia scorecardWBB

2023mastersolympia scorecardWP

2023mastersolympia scorecardWELL
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MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew
May 11, 2012
Comprehensive Review: 2023 Masters Olympia — The Definitive Breakdown

Unveiling the Titans: 2023 Masters Olympia Winners Announced

The 2023 Masters Olympia was nothing short of a spectacle, raising the bar in the bodybuilding world. Hosted in the picturesque city of Cluj, Romania, over the weekend of August 26-27, this year's Masters Olympia covered 10 out of the 11 recognized IFBB Pro League divisions, setting the stage for monumental victories and unprecedented achievements.

Dominance in Men’s Open: Kamal Elgargni Steals the Show

Kamal Elgargni emerged as the undisputed winner in the Men's Open, marking this as his first triumph in this division. The seasoned athlete, representing the United States, now qualifies for the prestigious 2023 Mr. Olympia contest, adding yet another feather to his cap. Elgargni's win has reignited conversations around his future, specifically concerning his participation in either the 212 or Men's Open Mr. Olympia slated for November 2-5, 2023, in Orlando.

The Inception of 212 Masters: Hidetada Yamagishi’s Golden Comeback

Unretiring for the Masters, 49-year-old Hidetada Yamagishi seized the first-ever 212 Masters Olympia title. His golden comeback has now positioned him to potentially challenge reigning champion Shaun Clarida in the 2023 Olympia 212 contest.

The Pinnacle of Classic Physique: Alejandro Cambronero’s Majestic Reign

Alejandro "Alex" Cambronero added a second illustrious title to his portfolio as the inaugural Masters Olympia Classic Physique champion. As he sets his eyes on the upcoming 2023 Olympia, the former Arnold Classic Physique champion might just challenge Chris Bumstead, the current kingpin of Classic Physique.

The Men's Physique Pantheon: Arya Saffaie Crowned

Eclipsing other contenders, Arya Saffaie claimed victory in the Men's Physique division. Already pre-qualified due to his win at the 2023 Tampa Pro, Saffaie's latest triumph further solidifies his standing in the realm of Men’s Physique.

Unyielding Women of Bodybuilding: Reshanna Boswell Ascends

Reshanna Boswell marked her first appearance of the 2023 season with an awe-inspiring win, becoming the inaugural Ms. Masters Olympia. This win undoubtedly adds momentum as she aims for a more substantial place in the Ms. Olympia stage this year.

Fierce Elegance in Women’s Physique: Ivie Rhein’s Grand Entry

Ivie Rhein took home the first Women's Physique Masters Olympia title, cementing her status as a formidable contender for the upcoming Women’s Physique Olympia in Orlando.

The Fitness Maestros: Minna Pajulahti's Stellar Routine

In the relatively smaller Fitness lineup, Minna Pajulahti stole the show with a captivating routine performance, edging out Tamara Vahn and Stephanie Jones. Pajulahti is now officially qualified for the 2023 Fitness Olympia.

Mesmerizing Figures: Jessica Reyes Padilla Dominates

Jessica Reyes Padilla dreamed big and achieved bigger, winning the Figure division of the Masters Olympia. This triumph amplifies her confidence as she moves toward a rematch with Cydney Gillon at the Figure Olympia later this year.

Captivating in Bikini: Jessica Wilson's Resounding Win

Jessica Wilson, already a winner of the 2023 DC Pro, added yet another title to her name as the first Masters Olympia Bikini champion.

The Wellness Pioneers: Brazil Rules the Roost

The Wellness division, often attributed to its roots in Brazil, saw Nerilde Garcia Strey emerge victorious, followed by compatriot Simara Walter.

While the winners bask in their well-deserved glory, the Masters Olympia has, yet again, proved itself to be a breeding ground for exceptional talents and the epitome of physical excellence.

Conclusion: A New Era of Bodybuilding

The 2023 Masters Olympia has truly marked the beginning of a new era. With ten champions crowned, and each cementing their legacies in their respective categories, the competition stands as a testament to the ever-evolving nature of bodybuilding and fitness. We look forward to witnessing more groundbreaking performances in the years to come.
MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew
May 11, 2012

Men’s Open​

  1. Kamal Elgargni (USA)
  2. Maxx Charles (USA)
  3. Phil Clahar (USA)
  4. Fred Smalls (USA)
  5. Kenneth B. Jackson (USA)
  6. Slavoj Bednar (Czech Republic)
  7. Michael Lynn (USA)
  8. Sergio Lima (United Kingdom)
  9. Logan Robson (Australia)
  10. Rusty Jeffers (USA)
  11. Robert Burneika (USA)
  12. Michael Ely (USA)
  13. Vladimir Agrinskiy (Russia)
  14. Vinny Galanti (USA)
  15. Joshua Lenartowicz (Australia) — Did Not Finish

212 Bodybuilding​

  1. Hidetada Yamagishi (USA)
  2. David Henry (USA)
  3. Anwar Darwish Ali Al Balushi (Oman)
  4. Ahmed Fawzi (Iraq)
  5. Jonni Shreve (Canada)
  6. Fernando Noronha de Albeida Maradona (Brazil)
  7. Derik Farnsworth (USA)
  8. Masoom Butt (United Kingdom)
  9. Jicheng Qian (China)
  10. Milton Martinez (Puerto Rico)
  11. Steve D. Thayer (USA)
  12. Ryan Walters (USA)
  13. Wayne Williams (USA)
  14. Jeff Williamson (USA)
  15. Luis Ricardo Plata Duran (Columbia)
  16. Tony LaGrene (USA)

Classic Physique​

  1. Alejandro Cambronero (USA)
  2. Kelvin Hinde (United Kingdom)
  3. Ross Caesar (Bermuda)
  4. Luis Garcia Martinez (Spain)
  5. Tom Connelly (USA)
  6. Eric Perkins (USA)
  7. Greg Rando (USA)
  8. Peter Sciallo (USA)
  9. Michel Perez (Spain)
  10. Richy Chan (Canada)
  11. Dawid Geler (USA)
  12. Olushomo Oni (USA)
  13. Shanti Mitchell (South Africa)
  14. Vladimir Markov (USA)
  15. Darrem Charles (USA)

Men’s Physique​

  1. Arya Saffaie (USA)
  2. Sharif Reid (USA)
  3. Dajuan Rico Freeman (USA)
  4. Myron Griffin (USA)
  5. Andrea Mosti (Italy)
  6. Michael Ferguson (USA)
  7. Everton W. B. Ribeiro (Brazil)
  8. Everett Davis (USA)
  9. David Odom (USA)
  10. Kenyon Leno (USA)
  11. Youcef Djoudi (France)
  12. Byron Ross (USA)
  13. Adon Marcus (USA)
  14. Joshua Petrecky (USA)
  15. Kevin Reeder (USA)

Women’s Bodybuilding
  1. Reshanna Boswell (USA)
  2. Barbara Moojen (Brazil)
  3. Virginia B. Sanchez Macias (Spain)
  4. Donna Salib (USA)
  5. Silvia Matta (Italy)
  6. Cheryl Mears (USA)
  7. Jacqueline Fuchs (Switzerland)
  8. Vera Mikulcova (Czech Republic)
  9. Leah Dennie (USA)
  10. Dana Shemesh (USA)
  11. Tananarive Huie (Canada)
  12. Lori A. Conley (USA)
  13. Evangelina Guzman (Mexico)
  14. Maria del Carmen Gomez Segura (Mexico)
  15. Marcela Venegas (Chile)
  16. Michelle Brent (USA)

Women’s Physique​

  1. Ivie Rhein (USA)
  2. Caroline Alves Dos Santos (Brazil)
  3. Heather Grace (USA)
  4. Joanna Romano (Spain)
  5. Susan Graham (USA)
  6. Stephanie Fredrickson (USA)
  7. Alida Opre (Hungary)
  8. Maria Queenie Liberman (Canada)
  9. Suzanne Davis (USA)
  10. Candice Carr (Trinidad & Tobago)
  11. Robyn Mays (USA)
  12. Birgit Andersch (Austria)
  13. Tanya Chartrand (Canada)
  14. Nathalee Thompson (Canada)
  15. Uta Koehler-Spitzbart (Germany)
  16. Lenore Gregson (USA)


  1. Minna Pajulahti (Finland)
  2. Stephanie Jones (USA)
  3. Tamara Vahn (USA)
  4. Jenny Worth (USA)
  5. Debbie Fowler (USA)
  6. Maria Laura Cerbelli (Canada)
  7. Sally Kendall-Williams (USA)
  8. Babette Mulford (USA)
  9. Marta Aguiar (Uruguay)

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