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2024 IFBB Hungary Kokeny Pro Final Scorecards and Results

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew
May 11, 2012
In Budapest, Hungary, the 2024 Hungary Kokeny Classic Pro marked an exceptional showcase of bodybuilding prowess, where Richard Nagy, Rejoice Godwin, and Francesca Stoico emerged triumphant in their respective categories. Let's delve into the details of this prestigious event and celebrate the achievements of these outstanding athletes.

The Event Overview​

The 2024 Hungary Kokeny Classic Pro, held in Budapest, Hungary, was one of the highly anticipated events in the IFBB Pro League calendar. This contest, which took place on May 11, featured competitors from various categories, including Classic Physique, Figure, and Bikini. As an Olympia qualifier, this event held significant importance for athletes vying for a coveted spot on the prestigious Olympia stage. With the 2024 bodybuilding season in full swing, competitors displayed unparalleled dedication and skill in their pursuit of Olympia qualifications.

Classic Physique Highlights​

The Classic Physique category witnessed a remarkable display of athleticism and aesthetics, with competitors showcasing their finely tuned physiques. Among the notable contenders, Florin Dogaru and Richard Nagy captivated the audience and judges alike with their impressive muscular development and definition. However, it was Richard Nagy who clinched the top spot, demonstrating his exceptional symmetry and conditioning. Florin Dogaru secured second place, followed by Dilans Kurepins in third.

Figure Category Triumphs​

In the Figure category, Rejoice Godwin's impeccable symmetry and proportions set her apart as a standout competitor. With a previous notable performance at the 2023 EVLS Prague Pro competition, Godwin showcased her continued excellence by claiming victory at the 2024 Hungary Kokeny Classic Pro. Nina Paulus secured the second position, while Carolina Fernandez impressed with a third-place finish.

Bikini Division Excellence​

The Bikini category witnessed fierce competition as athletes vied for an Olympia qualification and prestigious recognition. Among the notable contenders were Lisa Reith and Francesca Stoico, both of whom delivered exceptional performances. Ultimately, it was Francesca Stoico who emerged victorious, showcasing her remarkable physique and stage presence. Lisa Reith secured the second position, with Roberta Mangraviti rounding out the top three.

Congratulations to the Winners!​

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Richard Nagy, Rejoice Godwin, Francesca Stoico, and all the participants of the 2024 Hungary Kokeny Classic Pro for their outstanding performances and dedication to the sport of bodybuilding. Your achievements serve as an inspiration to aspiring athletes worldwide, showcasing the pinnacle of physical excellence and dedication to craft.

2024 Hungary Kokeny Classic Pro Winners​

  • Classic Physique: Richard Nagy
  • Figure: Rejoice Godwin
  • Bikini: Francesca Stoico

Classic Physique​

  • Winner — Richard Nagy
  • Second Place — Florin Dogaru
  • Third Place — Dilans Kurepins
  • Fourth Place — Andrea Mammoli
  • Fifth Place — Damian Narecki
  • Sixth Place — Jovan Glamocanin
  • Seventh Place — Kevin Stutz
  • Eighth Place — Luigi Maria De Robertis


  • Winner — Rejoice Godwin
  • Second Place — Nina Paulus
  • Third Place — Carolina Fernandez
  • Fourth Place — Chantal Keimer


  • Winner — Francesca Stoico
    Second Place — Lisa Reith
  • Third Place — Roberta Mangraviti
  • Fourth Place — Anna Setlak
  • Fifth Place — Laura Zakharías
  • Sixth Place — Anastazja Biedka
  • Seventh Place — Aisha Kaipova
  • Eighth Place — Doriana Kandeva
  • Ninth Place — Rania Stamatiadou
  • Tenth Place — Martina Fainozzi
  • Eleventh Place — Violeta Palamarchuk

2024 League Hungary Kokeny Pro 1

2024 League Hungary Kokeny Pro 2

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