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3 keys to bodybuilding nutrition

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew
May 11, 2012
Here is some great bodybuilding nutrition tips to help you build muscle! Diet is really the key when it comes to bodybuilding.


Three Simple Keys To A Good Bodybuilding Nutrition
By Michael Parker

Are you beginning to become a bodybuilder? Have you just started to do your workouts and don't know what to do for your nutrition. This article is all about helping you to get a good bodybuilding nutrition. Here are the three keys to have a good, healthy bodybuilding nutrition.

1. The first thing you must realize is how important nutrition is to bodybuilding. In my opinion nutrition is one of the first things you should consider before you begin your workout. If you have a proper, nutritional diet, there is virtually no limit to what you can do in your workouts.

2. Frequency of meals is the first key aspect to your bodybuilding nutrition. It is important that you eat small meals about five to six times a day. You should also space these meals out about every three hours. This will help to assimilate nutrients into the growth of your lean muscles, will clear your body of body fat, and should also diminish water retention.

Eating frequent meals rather than big meals helps your metabolism to stay high and it should ensure that your body can continue to workout throughout the workout without your body shutting down. While you are doing your routine workouts it is important that you intake a high about of calories and you intake a low amount of calories when you are not working out.

3. You now know that you need to eat frequent meals, but what do you need to eat? It is important that you eat a well balanced meal of 40% carbohydrates, 40% proteins, and 20% fats. The fats should come from lean meats and plant oils not from unhealthy food. 40% of your meal needs to be protein because protein is made of amino acids which assimilate in the body to form the muscle tissues. It is also important that you eat 40% carbohydrates because carbohydrates will produce the energy to keep you going through the workout.

It may seem odd that you 20% of your meal needs to be fat. However, this is not a bad thing, fats have just been given a bad name. Fats work in two ways. The first way is they protect essential organ by making a cushion around them. The second way is they work as an insulator and coating for nerves. I doubt any smart bodybuilder does not have fats in his diet.

Those are just three keys to having a good, healthy bodybuilding nutrition and if you follow them you should be ready to begin lifting.


Bodybuilding Article Source
Jun 30, 2020
I strongly agree with your Point number two. Eating small frequent meals is not only recommended by gym instructors but also doctors.

In 2015, I never knew the importance of eating, and so I grew thin while engaging in daily 30 minutes exercises. But now I know better.


New member
Jun 11, 2020
I have been taking 3 huge meals a day. I am so glad I read this. Will implement the guidelines above.