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8 Rules of steroid use.


Mecca V.I.P.
Jul 16, 2006
I. Always Cycle off of AS for at least 6 weeks.

The rule of thumb regarding how to cycle on and off of
steroids is that one should cycle off of the AS for the same
amount of time that they were on.

Most of us cheat at times though and do not stay off of the
juice for the recommended time each time that we cycle.

Sometimes a goal is trying to be met which will require a
quick return to the AS in order to not lose gains. At times
like this, I strongly recommend that one stay off of the
juice for at least 6 weeks in order to give the pituitary-
axis a chance to rest and to restore the cholesterol levels
somewhat to normal.

During these shorter rests I always use an additional herbal
supplement to aggressively detoxify my system. One such
detox would be the use of ESSIAC tea and Milk Thistle.

Amazing things can be done in the body with these two
together in just 4-6 weeks. Additionally, I use the clomid,
nolvadex, and hcg therapy for 4 weeks, and then continue
with Tribulus/DHEA stack of 1250mg/day for the next two
weeks, along with Saw Palmetto.

If one must stay on something, then many have had good test
recovery while still using 100-200mg of Primobolan/week
while simultaneously doing a recovery cycle like the one
mentioned above.

II. Always Rotate Injection Sites

Many of us find a favorite spot to "go into" and then we
tend to just use that for quite awhile. I saw one guy who
had a huge area of scar tissue on his hip due to injecting
over and over again in the same area.

Using the same spot can cause abscesses, and at the very
least excessive scar tissue which makes it hard to inject
into and hard for the oil to disperse from.

Also, most oils can be drawn up in a 22 gauge needle and
typically a one inch length is sufficient.

When using a watery substance such as Winstrol, Sten, Test
Suspension, or the like, one can easily use a 23-25 gauge
needle and save themselves some pain.

Another important rule is to not inject more than 2ml into
the deltoids or other smaller muscles. For amounts in excess
of 2ml the glutes are recommended. And remember to inject at
the rate of 1ml per ten seconds and leave the syringe in for
10 seconds when finished.

This will help the oil to disperse somewhat and will
minimize how much of the oil "follows" the syringe out of
the injection site when pulling it out.

III. Do Not Talk Loosely About Your AS Usage

IV. Don't Lose Sight of Long-Term Goals

There have been times when I wanted to throw reason to the
wind and just juice my ass off. At just the right moment
though I would remember that I have two children who I adore
and who need me around for awhile.

Or, I would remember that our health is precious and
fragile, and that although the body is an incredible and
resilient machine, it does have it's limitations.

When we are tempted to sacrifice all for this hobby of
bodybuilding, we need to remind ourselves that to truly
master something we need to be in control of it rather than
it to be in control of us.

I have so far been lucky to have bodybuilding and AS in my
life as an enhancement to my life and relationships, and as
a springboard to other successes. I work hard to keep it
that way and hope that I never have to suffer
unmanageability as a result of lopsided values in this sport
and from supplementation.

I continue to explore bodybuilding and the juice as a way to
life. If one of your long-term goals is to be a professional
bodybuilder, then at least balance it out with the thought
that you will still want to retire with your health someday
even if you do achieve the pro card.

V. Help the Younger Generation Use Up Their Natural
Genetics First

Part of what will help this sport stay honorable is if the
veteran players in the game help the younger bodybuilders
stay clean from AS until they are at least over 25.

I have had young guys ask me if I knew about AS or could I
help them get some AS. I always tell them "no" and feel
somewhat sad that they feel the need at such a young age to
use the juice.

Help them explore their natural genetics and use those up
first. Until one is really good at "instinct training" the
whole realm of AS use and advance bodybuilding that comes
with it is a dangerous playground.

Unfortunately, there is a whole group of young people right
now who don't even want to train if they cannot do a cycle.
These youth are greatly endangering themselves and it is
important that the law enforcement community sees us
veterans collectively as an opposing agency to such
foolishness and risk.

We are not just a bunch of "meat heads" with no compassion
or concern for our youth. Let's not be ashamed to do what is
right when the time comes.

The image and sport of bodybuilding depends largely on what
the seasoned veterans do with the knowledge that they have.

Sites such as Steroid Encyclopaedia are a perfect example of
a professional and organized attempt at caring for the sport
and others.

Such a website is an attempt to groom the mind of the AS
user in a responsible and healthy way. It is an action of
community spiritedness, and it defies the reckless
endangerment of previous AS usage by many of our
predecessors who did not have our knowledge.

We owe much to the many who went before us as they tested
the waters with trial and error.

VI. Do Not Skimp on Doctor's Visits

We spend hundreds and thousands on cycles in order to look
and feel great. Let's not forget to maintain our inner
health and spend to necessary money for health insurance and
the necessary exams/bloodwork.

It seems that a lot of bodybuilders skimp in this department
and leave much to chance or to be discovered at the level of
it becoming a serious illness.

The old adage that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound
of cure" is appropriate here.

VII. Remember the Three Components of Fitness

The times when I have gotten the most out of my AS usage is
when I am balanced in the three areas of fitness: Cardio-
vascular health; muscular strength/endurance; and,

Keeping up with serious cardio and doing plenty of
stretching will greatly aid in the overall health of an AS

Our cholesterol levels will be more manageable with the
increased cardio, and the flexibility of frequent stretching
will greatly aid with circulation as well as assist with
injury prevention.

I have found that even when my cholesterol levels are
temporarily high after a cycle, they are very readily
brought back to normal with proper nutrition and aggressive
cardio workouts. Staying with lean, more expensive cuts of
meat and fish at all times also greatly helps in this

With regard to flexibility, I recommend to my clients that
they stretch at least three times/week for 20 minutes each
time. Also, it is important to hold any given stretch for at
least 20 seconds at a time as durations less than that only
serve to make the muscle contract and tighten up, thus being
counterproductive to flexiblity and injury prevention.

When one holds a stretch steadily for over 20 seconds they
will feel a slow release and stretching of the muscle begin
to happen. This is true stretching at its best and is what
we should aim for.

VIII. Do Not Train Lazy or Become Disorganized In Your

Anabolic Steroids are only part of the answer to getting
big, looking good, and feeling great.

I have seen guys who had an incredible cycle of goodies but
they were just not getting that look that you would expect.

Upon exploration I would find out that they were not taking
in enough of the right calories or the right amount of
calories; were not sleeping enough; were not drinking enough
water (a huge part of your body is made up of good ole H2O);
or, were just not training their ass off.


Mecca V.I.P.
Jul 13, 2006
Not a bad list.

I was going to comment on paying dues in the gym and getting diet right first before seeking the AAS support. But that seems to be well covered!


New member
Jul 15, 2006
I just rotated injection sites and run out of room so i injected into my eyeball ...... i think im blind :S



Mecca V.I.P.
Jul 20, 2006
Nice post bro. I think alot of people just want the quick solution without knowing what the hell they are doing.


Mecca V.I.P.
Jul 16, 2006
patdiddy said:
Nice post bro. I think alot of people just want the quick solution without knowing what the hell they are doing.
That is exactly what this section is here for, to educate, create awarness and guide the misguided.


Mecca V.I.P.
Nov 28, 2006
Good bump Vik, this is a great post. There a few things I would change to it but its just personal preferences.


New member
Jul 23, 2008
Good post especially for younger ppl they should use natural resources to the maximum


New member
Jun 24, 2011
very good post i sometimes lose site of what is the corect way of doing things, in order to not lose hard earned mass, but that was a great reminder , glad i read it thanks


New member
Oct 24, 2017
Thanks for the info, a few things in there I was not aware about but will correct from now on.