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A Kilsythian ex-pat turned personal fitness coach has won a prestigious bodybuilding contest on the other side of the world


Mecca V.I.P.
Apr 10, 2014
Kilsyth’s Aidan wins South Pacific bodybuilding title!

Aidan Butler.jpg
A Kilsythian ex-pat turned personal fitness coach has won a prestigious bodybuilding contest on the other side of the world.

Aidan Butler (28) scooped first place in the Beach Model category in May’s South Pacific Championship, also getting an invitation to the world competition in Rio De Janeiro.

Aidan grew up in Kilsyth’s Rennie Road and attended Kilsyth Academy before completing a degree in Sports Development with the University of the West of Scotland, and has also worked as a fitness instructor at Broadwood Stadium and the Tryst.

Aidan has lived in Perth, Australia for five years where he now runs his own company, Abshok Health & Fitness (see abshok.com for more). He started competing in bodybuilding contests to improve the profile of his company.

Aidan said: “I always wanted to say I’ve won a category, so now that I’ve completed that goal I look to help others win. People tend you follow your every word when you have walked the talk yourself.”

Aidan’s mum Anne and his brother Liam both still live in Kilsyth. Anne’s cousin, Jennifer McCready (nee Adam), also hails from Kilsyth. She emigrated to Australia years ago and helped Aidan settle in Perth.

Aidan observes a strict training regime to keep in competitive shape.

He said: “I train six days a week. Five sessions in the gym weightlifting and light cardio along with an activity, such as football or rock climbing, once a week.”

Mum Anne said: “Aidan has always loved sport and has always been an extrovert, this is something he has always wanted to do. “

He has worked extremely hard to develop his body and I remember when he first started doing competitions I couldn’t believe the transformation.

“He’s incredibly dedicated and determined as well as being a very positive person who has always helped me through the rough times. “

Aidan also loves hardstyle music and has ambitions to perform as a DJ at the Defqon 1 festival in Sydney.

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