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Aimilios Xenos avoids jail after attacking an innocent teenager!

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Bodybuilding News

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Jul 17, 2013
After accusing an innocent adolescent of disrespecting and then manhandling his mother over a family lunch, a bodybuilder and amateur boxer fractured his nose and ankle.

On May 6, last year, Aimilios Xenos, 29, stabbed 19-year-old Ben Walsh and his group of pals during a scuffle in a cocktail bar.

The solidly built 29-year-old pleaded guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm before Warrington magistrates court and was only spared prison.

He had been enjoying his birthday with his mother, Marguerita, and his girlfriend, but had challenged the adolescent group after feeling they had made insulting remarks about his family.

Aimilios Xenos

He originally clashed punches with the kids, but the altercation at Savanah 19 in Culcheth, near Warrington, Cheshire, erupted when Mrs. Xenos was struck while attempting to break up the fight.

Mr. Walsh, an apprentice jointer, sustained a fractured nose, cut lip, black eye, and a broken ankle as a result of the incident.

As a result of his injuries, he was forced to stop playing football and postpone the completion of his apprenticeship.

Mr. Walsh later informed police that he had lost his freedom as a result of the event. I'm terrified since he's bigger than me, 10 years older than me, and lives in the same neighborhood as me. I've never had anything like this before.'

Xenos pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm at Warrington Magistrates Court and had his jail term postponed, but he was ordered to pay Mr. Walsh £500 compensation.

According to reports, the victim was out with a buddy at a nearby pub and drank six beers before moving on to Savannah 19, where he had 'one or two gin and tonics.'

The gang was finishing their beverages outdoors in the rear beer garden at 1.30 am when they noticed Xenos.

'He started being "aggy" with one of the others in the group, and I noted that there was a bit of an altercation,' Mr. Walsh stated in his victim statement. The man then removed his shirt and approached us, yelling, "I'm going to hit you."

'I responded, "I haven't done anything," but he then starts punching me. He smacked me with his right fist and hit me square in the face. I pulled him away with my arms, but he then approached the other members of the group.

'I attempted to stop him from assaulting someone else, but he punched me again. He was yelling at other individuals, and we all ended up on the floor. There was some squabbling on the floor.'

'The man smacked me again in the face, and I fell back into a bush,' he continued.

'I was able to stand up, but I could feel something hurting in my left ankle. As I walked back to the Co-op, police cars arrived.'

Defense counsel Michelle Man stated that Xenos went out for a family supper and "was not looking for any trouble."

However, when the family went to Savannah 19 for a drink, 'Mr. Walsh was present with several pals and certain comments were made throughout the evening. He's not sure if it was from Mr. Walsh, but he assumed it was, and Mr. Xenos runs over to protest. The CCTV shows him walking across the yard and chatting with the group, which was a heated exchange.

'Whatever dialogue occurs, it is insufficient, and everyone ends up on the floor. Mr. Xenos was kicked while on the floor, resulting in a variety of injuries. His mother and partner come over to attempt to figure out what's going on, but the mother is struck in the process.'

Mrs. Angela Blackmore, the prosecutor, stated that Mr. Walsh went to bed after arriving home, but awoke the next morning with a busted nose, busted lip, a black eye, and a swollen foot and went to the hospital.

'He indicated that as a result of the event, he broke his ankle,' she continued. He was about to complete his joinery apprenticeship. That was postponed owing to the inability to finish the practical component. He took 16 weeks to finish the evaluation.

'He expressed concern about not being able to pay his monthly vehicle payments and other obligations because he was on sick leave. He couldn't drive or go to work, so he had to cancel a vacation. Due to the ankle injury, he was unable to continue his activities, including participating in a local football team, and he was unable to return to the lower league football club.

'In terms of socializing, he was able to go out with supporting friends, but he is concerned because the defendant lives nearby. His parents were traumatized and concerned that he might walk out.'

Xenos pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily injury at Warrington Magistrates Court. Mr. Walsh, his victim, was forced to stop playing football, cancel his vacation, and postpone the completion of his apprenticeship owing to the injuries he sustained.

According to Xenos' defense counsel, the situation was reported to the police, and Xenos was detained and interrogated the same day.

Xenos was sentenced to 12 months in jail, suspended for two years, at Warrington Magistrates Court.

He was also sentenced to perform 150 hours of unpaid labor, complete 35 days of probation service rehabilitation, and pay a £156 victim fee.

'This was an unprovoked and sustained attack,' said JP Gillian Beckett. However, we believe you have a chance for rehabilitation and will not send you to prison today.'
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