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Anybody see an issue with ordering peptides during the summer heat?


New member
Feb 9, 2018
As most of us know, peptides are delicate chains of amino acids that deteriorate quickly from heat, dropping the vile before it’s reconstituted, and I’ve got to assume the drastic change in air pressure from flying on a non-pressurized cargo plane can’t be good for them either. But what I want to know is do any of you agree with me that when you order peptides (that aren’t shipped with ice packs & small styrofoam coolers) anytime from July to August, they can and probably do get damaged? Probably not all of them, but many.

I’ve been cycling ipam/CJC no-dac, DSIP (Which I think is the best thing since sliced bread as I have been suffering from narcolepsy and circadian rhythm problems my entire life). Sometimes I throw in some PEG-MGF and/or FRAG for good measure. I use the same vendor and their products are top notch. Yet every summer the peptides don’t seem to work nearly as well- especially the FRAG & Imam/CJC blend

So what do you guys think? Should we all start insisting that peptide vendors ship with ice packs in the warmer months?


Super Moderator
Apr 10, 2014
I never thought about it. I haven't had any issues that I'm aware of but that's a great idea.

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