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Australian Police Arrest Central Coast Couple for Steroid Trafficking

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew
May 11, 2012
Hayden Brindle and Shaylee Cheal were arrested as the result of a local investigation targeting the supply of steroids.
Hayden Brindle and his girlfriend Shaylee Cheal were arrested for allegedly importing and supplying anabolic steroids in the suburban Central Coast town of Erina in New South Wales on January 30, 2020.
Brindle and Cheal became suspects during the course of a Brisbane Water Police (BWP) investigation codenamed Strike Force Oldaker. The Strike Force was tasked with cracking down of the trafficking of performance-enhancing drugs in the area.

Someone apparently tipped off the police to the couple’s steroid-related activities.

Brindle’s name came up after the BWP started making inquiries in Erina and the surrounding areas. The BWP passed on information about Brindleto the Australian Border Force (ABF). The ABF subsequently intercepted several suspicious parcels addressed to his post office box.
The BWP conducted surveillance on the Erina Post Office and observed Brindle and Cheal returning to their vehicle carrying several parcels. The police followed the couple’s vehicle and stopped them a short time later. The police arrested and detained Brindle at the Gosford Police Station.
The BWP obtained and executed a search warrant on a storage unit in Wamberal that was linked to the couple. Various anabolic steroids, PEDs, and MDMA were seized.
The BWP learned that Cheal was also allegedly involved in the steroid operation after making further inquiries. She was later arrested and booked at the Gosford Police Station.
The 28-year old Brindle was charged with five counts of importing prohibited items, two counts possessing or attempting to possess anabolic steroids, and two counts of supplying an indictable quantity of a prohibited drug.
The 24-year old Cheal was charged with four counts of importing prohibited items, and two counts of supplying an indictable quantity of a prohibited drug.
Brindle was refused bail while Cheal was released upon the condition that she live with her mother and avoid contact with her boyfriend.
Brindle is scheduled to appear in court on February 7, 2020. Cheal is scheduled to appear in court on March 27, 2020.

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