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Chris Weidman on a losing streak


Mecca V.I.P.
Dec 17, 2016
Former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman is on a losing streak. After wining the belt from a knockout win over all-time great Anderson Silva, Weidman had won the rematch when Silva had broken his leg. But on his next fight, Weidman miserably lost to challenger Luke Rockhold with a head injury to boot. Weidman’s face was a mess. After resting for several months, Weidman faced Yoel Romero for a tune up match before challenging the champion (Michael Bisping grabbed the belt from Rockhold). But then Weidman suffered an accidental knee which broke his head and resulted in a stoppage. On his third tune up match yesterday (April 8 in New York), Weidman again suffered a knee on his head that led to another stoppage. So that makes it 3 losses in a row for the erstwhile undefeated former UFC middleweight champion.


Well-known member
Nov 1, 2016
Maybe this goes to show that when a fighter loses his first fight, however it happens it can dent their confidence and they no longer see themselves as being indestructible. You often see a fighter lose once and then never quite regain the performances they used to have, and even if they do go on to win again, there seems to be something missing and this seems to be the case with Weidman.

Remember when Mike Tyson lost his first fight? Even though I know there was circumstances surrounding his life that contributed to that, after that he never quite seemed to be the same boxer that he once was. For a lot of fighters, I think it's that unbeaten record that keeps them going, but as soon as that goes and they lose that 0...they seem to lose motivation and start to decline.

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