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Diet thoughts

weezy f baby

Sep 17, 2009
Trying to put together a diet for the new year to stick by:

currently 79kg
looking to jump to 85 - 90kg lean

current diet is junk food 6 times a day with a shake.

planned diet:


4 scrambled eggs
2 sclices of toast
1 serving Hydro Whey

mid morning

200 grams Beef mince
1 cups mixed veg
few slices of sweet potato


200 grams Chicken Breast mince
1 cups mixed veg
few slices of sweet potato

Mid afternoon

1 serving Hydro Whey

Train 1.5 - 2 hours
1 serving Hydro Whey + carbs


250 grams Steak or Chicken breast
1 cups mixed veg
few slices of sweet potato

Let me know your thoughts.

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