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Does Boxing Build Muscle?



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Dec 2, 2022
Are you a fan of boxing? Whether you like boxing or watching boxing matches, both do apply in this case. You have seen how built the boxers are; you must wonder if they get it from their boxing training or incorporate other exercises into their training routine. Most people associate boxing with being exclusively for athletes or exercise aficionados which is far from the reality. Boxing is meant for all, regardless of gender, fitness, or age. Several boxing legends like Floyd Mayweather, Mohammed Ali, and Mike Tyson have existed. Boxing can be an exercise that assists you in activating your body as you move your whole body during training.
Although most don't believe boxing exercises are effective in building your physique, it is time they changed this narrative as they are. It is fine to avoid boxing as an exercise as it does have innumerable advantages that your life needs. What makes boxing so exceptional? Why would one choose boxing over other practices? These are some of the questions people ask concerning boxing. The answers are all here, as this article provides information about whether boxing builds muscles. So, let's get right into it.

Do Boxing Workouts Help You Gain Muscle?​

As for this question, it depends on who you ask. Some believe that it does, but others do not. It's fair, as every person is entitled to an opinion. That said, the answer you receive concerning this should only matter if you are getting it from a boxing trainer or someone with several years of boxing experience. Please don't rely on the information of someone who has never been to any boxing training because their word is nothing. It's fair to ask, what do they know? Being the superb version of yourself is crucial in your fitness journey; even in boxing, this still applies. Irrespective of your age, gaining muscle through boxing exercises is possible.

Given that your body relies on many muscles during boxing, they will benefit from it. This is because your boxing coordination and movements involve a lot of strength. Your muscles flex and strain during workouts which contributes to their growth. You may miss the improvements in your muscles a few months after starting boxing, but they are there. You can build your muscles effectively by being consistent and never missing a boxing training session. Discipline is the key as you have a goal to attain. Boxing is not only adequate for building muscles but also strength and endurance. This primarily applies to the legs and hands, which have to take multiple turns and twists to use force to your hit. You are likely to build your muscles simply by boxing workouts.

What Muscles Do You Need in Boxing?​

There is no denying that both large and small muscles are involved in boxing, as it is an intense activity. Boxing workouts rely primarily on solid muscles and general body strength and balance. Unlock your boxing skills by starting a boxing class where you will gain the prowess even to box professionally if this is the aim. There are several muscles you must use during your boxing workouts, and they are;
- Calves
Calves are imperative from the first punch one throws during boxing. They are the first muscles that get worked as they give one a balanced stance during boxing exercises. The calf muscles undergo a lot of action as they are used in movements when one avoids or throws a punch at the opponent. This means they are always at work as boxing requires one to be swift in moving their feet to ensure they are not caught in a fist. This also allows you to get rigid calves because they strain to hold their ground.
- Core
Core muscles are undeniably paramount in boxing as they offer you the power to hold your stand when throwing continuous punches at your opponent. Sounds fun, right? Anyway, the core muscles enable you to connect the force that comes from your limbs to your upper body. This way, you can manage to take a vigorous boxing session and not have sprained muscles. The core muscles consist of the abs, lower back, and chest muscles which are all essential in boxing workouts.
- Quads and Hamstrings
As one of the largest and most powerful muscles, the quads and hamstrings are the most remarkable power drivers that you need in boxing. The motion in boxing requires you to have legs that support the proper movement. These muscles are predisposed to provide strength from the feet to punching a fist.
- Shoulders
During boxing, the shoulder muscles hold power generated in your hips, core, and legs. This is why they are considered to have high endurance as they take on so much energy. The shoulder muscles are typically small but have the task of supporting the arms. You can improve your stamina due to having solid shoulders for your boxing exercises.
- Hips and glutes
The glutes and hips are highly responsible for making your boxing a success. This is because of the kinetic energy they help generate when you are throwing a punch. The hip and glute muscles help allow you to move around freely in the ring and even during workouts. It would be best if you had the strength of your glutes and hips to achieve the best punches as you can move without tiring.
- Arms and hands
Arms and hands work in coordination to fully bring strength to your punch. This means that your opponent will feel the power of the punch. The muscles in the arms and hands need to be tough to ensure that you have excellent punching strength. You will be working your triceps and biceps during the workout sessions. Boxing will have you use muscles you never thought were all that useful in boxing.
- Small muscles
Several small muscles contribute to the makeup needed for your body during boxing. Such muscles include the neck and fist muscles. The neck muscles are excellent for punching resistance as you strain the muscles during workouts, as you can achieve certain angles when trying to block or escape a punch. As for the first muscles, they are essential in creating a solid punch. The strong fists are great as there are lower chances of you getting injured as they are well-kept.

Tips to Build Muscles While Boxing​

Most people believe that it is impossible to build muscles while at the same time taking boxing workouts. Although possible, boxers must learn that it can take some work to achieve both simultaneously, as it takes a lot of work. There are effective ways to build muscles while boxing and manage the strength and endurance that boxing needs. Here are some of the tips to build muscles while boxing.
  1. Do not train like a bodybuilder
Boxing requires you to be vigilant about how you train. Muscles are crucial in boxing; this is why you need an approach that will work in helping you build muscles while you take on boxing. You can settle for methods such as doing high reps in volumes to stimulate the muscle fibers, thus building your muscles. Get to balance such an approach and boxing, and you will get well-built muscles.
  1. Maintain great speed
It would help if you had the great speed to achieve strong muscles simultaneously as your boxing. This is because, through speed exercises, you can improve your endurance level, which makes the muscles strong enough to withstand any pressure. Through speed exercises, one can build muscles during boxing.
  1. Use a heavy bag regularly
You can tone some of your muscles during boxing by practicing using a heavy bag. Boxing using a heavy bag has a lot of motion, making it the perfect way to build your muscles while boxing. When you throw a full-force punch at the heavy bag and flex your muscles, you are helping them grow.
  1. Feed on high-protein foods
Protein is vital for you who is a boxer as it provides you with the energy you need. Incorporating foods high in protein is a good way of building your mass while boxing. This is great as you can eat a protein snack before a boxing exercise and have high energy. So, it works both ways; for the muscles and the boxing workouts.
  1. Use punching bag training
A punching bag is effective in providing you with the chance to build muscle while boxing. The best part about a punching bag is that it supports endurance which in turn allows for a repetition of punches repeatedly. When this happens, your muscles work extra as they strain to their maximum, and they become more robust and more prominent. Although this does not happen overnight, in the long run, it does happen.
  1. Do not overtrain your shoulders
Your shoulders do take a lot as it holds up your arms and ensure that you keep on throwing punches. Once you overtrain your shoulders, there is a high chance that you will injure your muscles rather than build them. If you go easy on your shoulders, chances are your muscles have the opportunity of developing over time while boxing.


Boxers do not need to be huge, making them easy prey due to their high body weight. This is because, in boxing, one is required to move around frequently and not tire fast. Weight can affect this, which is why no weight lifting is necessary for building muscles for boxing. It is possible to build muscles through boxing as you only need strong enough muscles to support your weight. As an entire body exercise, boxing covers your arms, hips, shoulders, core, and leg muscles. Relieve some stress by doing some boxing today.
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