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Dominating the Roger Boyce Classic: Shaquelle Thomas' Journey to IFBB Pro

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Bodybuilding News

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Jul 17, 2013
At the recent Roger Boyce Classic held in Barbados, Shaquelle Thomas, a formidable presence from the National Fitness Center, showcased sheer excellence, earning his coveted IFBB Elite Pro Card in both Classic Bodybuilding and Classic Physique divisions. Let's delve into Thomas' journey and the remarkable achievements of other athletes at this prestigious event.

Shaquelle Thomas' Journey to IFBB Pro

Shaquelle Thomas: Rising Star of Classic Bodybuilding​

Shaquelle Thomas emerged as a beacon of success, clinching victory in both the Classic Bodybuilding and Classic Physique categories. His dedication, discipline, and unparalleled athleticism propelled him to the forefront of the competition, securing his status as an IFBB Elite Pro.

The Spectacular Triumphs​

Classic Bodybuilding Division​

In the Classic Bodybuilding category, Thomas's mastery was undeniable as he outshone competitors with his impeccable physique and stage presence. Jameel Knight's impressive performance earned him the third position, showcasing the depth of talent in this division.

Classic Physique Division​

Thomas continued his dominance in the Classic Physique division, showcasing symmetry, muscularity, and grace that captivated judges and spectators alike. Trevon Giddings' commendable fifth-place finish further highlighted the caliber of athletes competing at the Roger Boyce Classic.

Bikini Wellness Division​

Jeridith John-Jules captivated the audience with her elegant poses, securing a well-deserved silver medal in the Bikini Wellness division, adding another feather to the country's cap of achievements.

Professional Success on the Global Stage​

Pro World Cup​

The Pro World Cup witnessed remarkable performances by the country's professional athletes, showcasing their prowess on the global stage. Kenroy Christian's stellar victory in the Men's Physique division earned him a coveted spot at the World Championships, while Tony Jacobs' second-place finish solidified his reputation as a formidable contender. Anthony Nurse displayed resilience, securing a commendable sixth place, reflecting the depth of talent in the Men's Physique category.

Bikini Fitness Division​

Ambassador Kimberly Percival's graceful presence earned her a well-deserved second-place finish in the Bikini Fitness division, underscoring the country's prowess in diverse categories. Melissa Seaforth's bronze medal position further underscored the country's dominance in this highly competitive division. Elite Pro Makiva Elvin made a striking debut, showcasing her potential with a commendable sixth-place finish, setting the stage for a promising professional career. Leanna Carrington's seventh-place finish showcased her dedication and determination on this esteemed platform.

Women's Wellness Division​

Ahjanya King's remarkable performance in the Women's Wellness division highlighted her commitment to excellence, securing a commendable 10th place overall, amidst fierce competition.

Final Thoughts​

The Roger Boyce Classic served as a testament to the indomitable spirit, dedication, and talent of athletes like Shaquelle Thomas and his fellow competitors. Their achievements not only inspire but also elevate the standard of excellence in the realm of bodybuilding and fitness. As Shaquelle Thomas embarks on his journey as an IFBB Elite Pro, his triumph serves as a beacon of hope and motivation for aspiring athletes worldwide, underscoring the transformative power of passion, perseverance, and unwavering dedication.

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