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Energetic fighters are paid more


Mecca V.I.P.
Dec 17, 2016
The UFC has admitted that energetic fighters are paid more. In fact, they choose a fight of the night which earns a bonus for the fighters involved. One fight announcer said that the audience are interested in seeing a dynamic fight where the fighters relentlessly hit each other. What is the point in watching a boring fight where the fighters only pose but do not hit? Regardless of a knockout or decision, the energetic fighter who has the stamina to continuously hit his opponent will gain more fans so he is worthy of a bonus purse.


Well-known member
Nov 1, 2016
While I can see why the UFC do this, in my opinion I think it takes something away from the fight. Obviously people are going to want to watch high energy fights with a lot of action, but there are a lot of fighters out there that fight more based on skill than energy. Just because a fighter may not go in all guns blazing but is more cautious and tactical, means that he won't get paid as much as a fighter that goes in for the kill.

MMA should be about skill as well as stamina, and even though the tactical fights might not be the most exciting fights to watch, they are still worthy of being shown and the fighters involved should still be paid the same as all the others.