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Estrogen inhibitors?

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew
May 11, 2012
This is a very informative bodybuilding article on Estrogen inhibitors. Check it out.

Phil Heath for bodybuilding motivation.

The Forgotten Supplement
By Troy Charves Pearsall

What is that Stuff? Estragon inhibitors ?

Estrogen inhibitors are the forgotten supplement, for many years they were regulated to nothing more than a class of repair supplements for muscle-headz coming off steroids or pro-hormones cycles. Never even once were they considered a real class of supplement or even a value tool in the arsenal of a natural bodybuilder.

When the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) banned pro-hormones use in the United States everyone thought that even these supplements, anti-estrogen and estrogen inhibitors, would be removed from the shelves of your favorite health food stores.

However the FDA's ban was on pro-hormones and chemical based supplements that abnormally enhanced the production of testosterones in the human body. Anti-estrogen and estrogen blockers have none of the properties of pro-hormones and actually work completely different and so they escaped under the radar.

Estrogen Inhibitors

The very name of this class of supplement motivates you to stay away from them. Everyone knows that muscles need testosterone to grow not estrogen. This is the very reason that most of the companies that sell these products advertise them as testosterone boosters, rather than estrogen inhibitors. It's simply a sound marketing strategy, when we think of estrogen we think of all the things that makes a women attractive not big bulging muscles.

Now marketing strategy or not I would suggest that if you truly want muscle growth then you need to add these products to you supplement routines. Let's investigate how they work and what they do for you.

Testosterone builds muscle which is normally associated it with the attributes of a "He-Man" so to speak. While estrogen on the other hand is the reason men are attracted to their wives and girl friends (unless of course she is ugly and her father owns a multimillion dollar company). Estrogen develops all those wonderful curves in women's hips and shoulders, it softens her skin and evens her complexion, it even supports the higher body fat levels that are needed for child birth. Simply put without estrogen the expression "she has a great personality" would actually mean something at an introduction.


Testosterone enhances all the properties that make a male a man. Bull elephants have a state called musk when they produce large amounts of testosterone, normally at mating season. When in musk these gentle animals are extremely dangerous, killing people, hippopotamus, alligators and even rhinoceroses.

This enhanced aggression that results from elevated levels of testosterone is the supposed caused of every strength athlete behaving badly. My only question is what makes a basketball player run in the stand and start fights with the fans? Or tennis players that curse judges or baseball coaches that kick dirt, spit and throw chairs on to the field, or soccer players that head butt each other, or , I'm sorry that's not what this article is about is it.

I think it OK to say that maybe we need to stop praising these people for their athletic ability and start expecting them to live within the rules of society like everyone else.

Where was I? Elevated testosterone levels, yeah that's right.

There are two ways to elevate your testosterone levels, one is to introduce it exogenously through the use of steroids and the second way to elevate testosterone levels is to excite the body to produce increased testosterone levels naturally.

The problem with exogenous introduction is first its illegal, when exogenous testosterone is introduced into the body the body will decrease and then stop production of its own testosterone. So when the administration is discontinued the body is left in a testosterone deprived state.
The second method is much safer and more efficient in the long run in this method there is no period of testosterone production shutdown. So what does this have to do with anti-estrogens? Simple, anti-estrogens lower the levels of estrogen in the body.

What you may not realize is that estrogen is the trigger to the pituitary gland in the brain which tells the body to produce or not to produce testosterone. The higher the levels of estrogen, the lower the testosterone level, the lower the level of estrogens the more testosterone the body can produce. This is how the makers of estrogen inhibitors can advertise their products ad testosterone booster!

Higher levels of estrogen will make you fat!

Modern society has given us some wonderful things, the Airplane, the automobile, the mobile telephone and the hormone injected cattle. When combined with estrogenic chemical such as pesticides in vegetables and naturally estrogenic foods like soy products, and of course, high fat diets are no help in the American war against obesity.

This daily exposure to estrogenic chemicals increases the numbers of estrogenic receptors in the adipose (fat) tissue making that area more likely to increase in size. By adding estrogen inhibitors into our diet supplement routines, we lower the number of estrogen receptors thus allowing us to lose fat ( and only fat) faster.

Estrogen can promote the development of cancer

When levels of estrogen go rampant in the female body, that estrogen can promote the development of cancer in the breast and uterus. Anti-estrogen supplement can block the action of estrogen from connecting to the estrogen receptors sites thereby interfering with or preventing the development of breast and uterine cancer.

To keep it simple estrogen blocker and estrogen inhibitors should be a class of supplements that is a part of any intelligent muscle building and fat lost routine. Below I listed just briefly how to take these supplement to reach you body transformation goals. I am assuming in this article that you are in perfect health, but you should not!

Even if you fell great anyone making any change in his/her exercise or diet routine should consult a physician to ensure that that his intended changes are not antagonistic to his personal health conditions. Remember only your physician can tell you for sure what will work and what will not.

Estrogen Inhibitors as a diet aid

Take anti-estrogenic as directed, a thermogenic stimulator can be added (like Biotest Hot-Rox ) if fat loss is the only goal.

Take anti-estrogenic as directed add an appetite suppressant (hoodia) if the main goal is weight loss
Stimulants like caffeine or ephedra can be used with anti-estrogen but stay away from Yohimbe when taking stimulants as this my cause irregular heart patterns.

Zinc - Involved in testosterone synthesis, and in protein synthesis, among other things.
Tribulus terrestris - The current primary herb used in virtually every testosterone formula. The active ingredient is called protodioscin, look for an extract to be standardized to no less than 45% protodioscin. As a point of reference.


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