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Fabrice FERAH



Fabrice FERAH is an international athlete of the WABBA World.
He live in the South Of France. It has a gym : AThletik Gym 81.

It measures 1.67m, 96kg in competition.
This year, he was Champion of France WABBA All Categories (2004, and 2008) a small heavy.
And he has the 4th Europe. He is currently preparing for the 2008 World Championship in Mexico (November).

Firstly, there is that the preparation of the championships WABBA 2008.
Which include: France, Europe and World
This video during 8min. It included the training of Fabrice, and a few small methods forgotten or unknown for some.

The second video, include the posing of Fabrice at St-Etienne (France), in the WABBA France Championship (31 May 2008)
The video during 3min52.
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