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Failure of Body building in Pakistan


Mecca V.I.P.
Apr 10, 2014
By Rimsha Farooqi
[h=5]Bodybuilding is the art of shaping a balanced and muscular body through resistance training, diet and rest. Bodybuilding developed in the late 19th century and promoted in England. From an ordinary bodybuilding club up to participation in Olympic games now it is now worldwide fame sports, But unfortunately Pakistani bodybuilder never been qualified to participate in Olympia Joe Wielder competition. It is highly regarded spots in Europe and the "Father of Modern Bodybuilding" German Eugen Sando made all out efforts to promote it as international bodybuilding.

In Pakistan bodybuilding leads to hope less opportunities because of less govt financial support and lack of awareness and on the other hand ,No sponsorship for the athletes. The bodybuilders are, know the reason of their failure because they don't have knowledge how to start with it. Without accurately assessing your current state you cannot determine which system of training will help you reach your goals.

There are certain reasons which are the main causes of failure factor of body building in Pakistan. Athletes are not provided with best supplement or imported reliable drug for the preparation of competitions. The issue with failure factors of bodybuilding in Pakistan is the concern of our current era that highlights certain causes which are faced in Pakistan. This is of generalized opinion that implicates unawareness of Bodybuilding in Pakistan among the general population. A research conducted on this topic tells a tale of athletes, instructors, fitness industries, media, and Bodybuilding federations. In Europe At a competitive level it is all about impressing a panel of judges, who are looking for the most aesthetically pleasing and balanced physique. Body builders are required to perform seven compulsory poses: front double-biceps, front lat-spread, side chest, back double biceps, back lat-spread, side triceps, and abs and thighs. But in Pakistan no one bother about aesthetic of physique.

The main issues which should be tackled are that most gyms were unregistered. Bodybuilders don't know how to change the state they are in to induce growth and it’s a common fact that if you do not get proper training you will never stimulate you muscles to grow. Improper training is one of the biggest reasons that most of the people never get their desired results.

In the teenage from most of male and females, We can see motivation level only in males This is one of barricades in the promotion of body and health fitness. This research is also a good reference material for those who want to start their business by making new gyms having good and latest machinery, supplements and cardio and they want to know which one is preferred, profitable, nutritious, friendly environment, and by keeping in mind the preferences of the people. Knowledge about Bodybuilding in Pakistan is in primary stage, even one has to depend upon YouTube video material for any kind of information. If you went to gyms for collecting any information , interested people are mostly referred Fitness type Gym as for their first priority. However, they didn’t provide the deep information because of gym’s policy. Due to lack of awareness and motivation in our country it becomes cause of mishaps with people, who somehow use steroids those lead to death, only because there is No supplements industries, No sponsorship for the athletes. Therefore people are advised to know about the physical and awareness of health issues directly linked to their preference.

Bodybuilding News Source: http://nation.com.pk/sports/16-Jul-2017/failure-of-body-building-in-pakistan


Aug 29, 2016
This apathy and disorganization is replicated in a good number of
countries where most funds are directed towards development of soccer
and athletics such as steeplechase. But there is a silver lining the
fact that whoever has sufficient grit and determination to beat the
odds in bodybuilding in Pakistan will gain sponsorship by dint of
visibility. Just like the success story of Kurdistan's poster body
builder, good luck.