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For those of you who would put their faith in shark cages

El Freako

El Freako

Nov 12, 2006
See link for video.

THIS is just like a scene out of Jaws – a shark ripping through a cage carrying humans in a terrifying underwater attack.

But according to the diver who posted the video online, this dopey maneating Great White went wild by MISTAKE.

The beast was apparently chomping down on some bait when it crashed into the cage.

The poster revealed: "We had an incident that was pretty darned exciting.

"CC, or Cut Caudal, one of our regular sharks, accidentally ran into one of the main cages on the Searcher."

The diver then went on to describe when his fishy pal stuck his head in, tore the cage apart then swam off.

He added: "He tried to turn, but he could not quite get his snout to clear the corner. He rolled on his side and began to thrash up and down trying to free himself."