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IFBB Pro League – Pay more attention to symmetry and not to muscle mass.



Mecca V.I.P.
Sep 9, 2006
The popularity of the IFBB Pro League continues to grow as a result of many factors including the introduction of more achievable, less muscular physiques in Figue and Bikini and the newer divisions of Women’s and Men’s Physique.

All the the athletes who have competed in these divisions have represented the IFBB Pro League well. That being said, there has been a noticeable increase in muscle size across all of these divisions.
We would like to remind all athletes and judges that muscle size is only one of the many factors in judging competitors in these divisions.
In order to preserve the criteria in which all of these divisions were based on, we would like to see less focus on muscle size and more focus on symmetry, balance, proportion, definition and overall condition which are all equally important factors contributing to an aesthetically pleasing and fit physique.
We look forward to seeing you all during the 2016 IFBB Pro League contest season.

Press release nov 26