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Inside the Ashour Classic: Unveiling Libya's Burgeoning Bodybuilding Landscape

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Bodybuilding News

Bodybuilding News

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Jul 17, 2013
The Ashour Classic: A Stage for Global Bodybuilding Talent

On September 2, 2023, the Ashour Classic International Bodybuilding Championship magnificently unfolded in Libya's capital, Tripoli. This much-anticipated second edition of the championship attracted elite bodybuilders from 17 distinct countries, spotlighting Libya as a rising star in the international bodybuilding community.

Ashour Classic

Setting the Bar High: Organizational Excellence

Mohamed Ashour, the leading figure behind the Libya Association for Body Building, remarked on the impeccable organization of the event. According to him, each iteration of the Ashour Classic aims to eclipse its predecessors, both in terms of quality and outreach. "We're continually elevating our standards to send a clear message—Libya can host international championships that are second to none," Ashour confidently stated.

The Athlete's Perspective: Striving for Excellence

The athletes in the championship unanimously praised the event's organization. One participant noted the significance of earning a professional card, attributing this milestone to the competition's high standards and the dedicated efforts of the coaches. "The card isn't just a piece of paper; it's a symbol of athletic proficiency, recognized internationally," the bodybuilder emphasized.

Judging Excellence: Fair Play and Fierce Competition

Serj Sarikan, a seasoned judge overseeing the Ashour Classic, noted the fierce competition and the exceptional shape of the athletes. "This is more than just a competition; it's an exhibition of supreme fitness and a testament to each athlete's hard work," Sarikan applauded.

Expanding the Horizon: Athletes from Multiple Nations

The championship showcased a diverse lineup of athletes hailing from countries including Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Kuwait, Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia. This international participation adds a layer of depth and inclusivity, making the Ashour Classic a truly global event.

Building Futures: The Road to Mr. Olympia

The Ashour Classic isn't merely an isolated event; it serves as a stepping stone for Libyan athletes aspiring to represent their nation in grander stages like the Mr. Olympia tournament in Las Vegas. As Mohamed Ashour explained, the event empowers winners from various categories to partake in international competitions that could potentially launch their careers into global stardom.

Conclusion: Libya's Athletic Transformation Through the Ashour Classic

In sum, the Ashour Classic International Bodybuilding Championship is not just a sports event—it's a dynamic platform that propels Libyan bodybuilding into the global limelight. The organizers, participants, and judges all contribute to its excellence, ensuring that the Ashour Classic is not merely a competition, but a symbol of Libya's potential in the realm of international bodybuilding.
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