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Interview with James 'Flex' Lewis 1 week before the tampa



Mecca V.I.P.
May 20, 2007
One man aiming to do some damage at the Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships is the 'Welshman with the wheels', one of the most promising pro bodybuilding rookies of 2008, James 'Flex' Lewis.

On August 8, the IFBB professional elite will descend on sunny Florida to contest the Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships. One man aiming to do some damage in the under-202 pound division is the 'Welshman with the wheels', one of the most promising pro bodybuilding rookies of 2008, James 'Flex' Lewis.
Though he qualified to turn pro at the 2007 British Championships, where he took the light-heavyweight and overall titles, Flex has been a big name on the bodybuilding scene for quite some time, having scored a Weider contract and nutritional company sponsorship as an amateur. Back then he was known for his prodigious calf and thigh development. Today he is regarded as having the complete package of size, conditioning and shape.
Having appeared on several magazine covers and after gaining a substantial fan following, due in large part to his massive symmetrical physique, and marketable looks, Flex, 24, is poised to become a professional bodybuilding superstar, though, according to the man himself, his feet remain firmly on the ground as he sizes up the competition in this, his inaugural pro competition year.
As a proud Welshman, Flex is anxious to show the world that Wales is a country that produces not only great rugby players, but also top physique champions as he himself has fast become. I recently had the opportunity to discuss with Flex his competition strategy for 2008, how he has progressed to the pro ranks and what he has in store for the professional bodybuilding world.

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