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Is Du30 Drug War really Inhumane?


Jun 9, 2018
The latest tirade against Philippine President DU30 by the ICC concerns about the EJKs committed by his Drug war. But we ask: Is the drug war really a bad thing? Is it the same as Hitler's war machine that killed millions of Jews in the process and other innocent war victims? Is it the same as Mao's cultural purge/cleansing where millions of peasants have been killed? Or are all these just political manueverings by parties against DU30s rule? Nothing more than a demolition job.


Well-known member
Jun 16, 2018
It may or may not be, and I am not sure because I firmly believe everyone deserves a second chance to change. On a side note, what I find atrocious is a junkie continent like North America telling Duterte to lay off their fellow junkies, none of these potheads know how dangerous shabu is in the first place.

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