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is it better to have a long bicep or a short bicep?


Mecca V.I.P.
Jan 28, 2008
Hey, is it better to have a long bicep or a short bicep. Please give me examples of a short bicepped lol guy, and a long bicepped guy. I still can't fucking tell wether I have a long or short bicep. when I straighten my arm it looks long, and when I flex my bicep with my forearm straight, I can fit maybe 2 fingertips between the end of my cep and my elbow crease, but my bicep isn't flat, it has a bit of a peak(not a ronnie coleman peak, more like a phil heath peak) Please help you guys, because I still dont see big arms in the mirror, even though family tells me they are.(I know, arms aren't everything lol)


Active member
Jan 16, 2007
Long - Arnold
Short - Franco Columbo

no explanation neccessary really, Arnold has some of the best biceps imo.