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Jockey’s weight limit


Mecca V.I.P.
Dec 17, 2016
A horse jockey is a difficult job especially if you have a natural big bulk because the crux of the matter is the weight. A horse has a designated weight to carry (I think 116 pounds is the minimum) so the jockey must weight lighter than that number. That’s why jockeys have to go to the sauna to lose excess poundage otherwise they would suffer a technical of being overweight. In our country where people are not as tall as the Americans, jockeys don’t have much problem with their weight when they are young. But with age, their metabolism becomes slower and added weight becomes obvious. I know of several jockeys who retired due to weight problems.


Jul 6, 2016
I actually just learned about a month ago that the family of my wife knows a jockey. I am not amazed at the fact but more just the idea that this had never come up, especially since I am pretty sure we have watched some races together. I did not ask them this though, but it is interesting.

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