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looking for a soundtrack/ost


Mecca V.I.P.
Oct 23, 2008
Hypo ~ Didn't one of the guys from the band underworld do that soundtrack? I have the DVD packed up right now, but I'm pretty sure it's Karl Hyde. YUP! Here's what wiki said;

Sunshine: Music from the Motion Picture is the soundtrack album for the 2007 Danny Boyle film Sunshine and is a joint composition by the electronic band Underworld [1] and film score composer John Murphy. Underworld has a long history of collaboration with Boyle, having been featured on the soundtracks to Boyle's Trainspotting, A Life Less Ordinary, and The Beach. Murphy composed the scores to Boyle's 28 Days Later and Millions.

The soundtrack includes "Avenue Of Hope" by I Am Kloot [2] and "Peggy Sussed" by Underworld. These tracks are featured on the movie's end credits.

[edit] Legal Problems
The soundtrack release was held up for over a year with lawyers trying to resolve unspecified legal issues.[3] Several official sources even stated that a soundtrack release would never happen.[4] However, the legal issues were finally resolved, and on their September 10, 2008, radio show, Underworld announced that the soundtrack would be released soon.[5] On November 25, 2008, the soundtrack was finally released exclusively through the iTunes Store. However, the sound quality is not the usual standard as other iTunes music. A clicking noise can be heard in tracks 3 and 18.[citation needed]