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My Experience with SWATS the Ultimate Spray


Well-known member
Jan 8, 2009
I recently tried SWATS the Ultimate Spray. I?ve been running it for approximately 4 ? weeks.

Three pumps under the tong three times a day.
As you read on I backed off to two doses a day.

For the first few days I felt nothing. By the fourth or fifth day my finger tips started feeling numb and I noticed a pick up in my workouts. The sixth or seventh day my whole hands were feeling numb. I started getting excellent pumps with an increase in strength. About a week in a half into it I was feeling numb into my arms. That gave me a little scare and I backed off. I cut back to three pumps two times a day.
. The numbness decreased but I still felt great. By week three friends were asking me If I was taking something. But here is the catch. I was pumped during and after lifting but the pumps decrease after time. Those questions did not come up twelve hours after lifting. I could and still am lifting and doing cardio. I feel great and no side effects that I know of. Maybe a little more aggressive but nothing out of control. Week four everything is the same as week three. Still getting great pumps feeling strong. My problem is I want to keep working out but I don?t have enough time in the day. I like it but what works for me may not work for someone else. I?ve been eating fairly clean and have leaned out. Clothes/ shirts feel tighter (upper body) so that is a good sign.

It was recommended and provided to me by someone I trust. So I felt comfortable giving it a shot. The other sups I?ve been taking with it are
A Daily Multi Vitamin
On Gold Standard Whey
On Gold Standard Casein (Night only)

I found that a cup or two of black coffee about twenty minutes before lifting or cardio worked great for me. Google SWATS the Ultimate Spry for the web page. I got a buddy to try it and he is happy also. He said the web page said it takes three weeks to get it but he got it in six days. Any questions let me know Ill answer what I can.

Additionally I do not have a regular routine. My work schedule and family keep me busy. I defiantly don?t get proper sleep, so someone younger and with a regular schedule/ routine, it might work out great.