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Natural Bodybuilding Routines


May 22, 2015
I thought you might be interested in this article on natural bodybuilding routines. I hope you enjoy it!

Natural Bodybuilding Routines

By its very definition, natural bodybuilding is that type of bodybuilding where you rely only on the workout you do in the gym and a natural, healthy diet that stays quite clear from all the banned muscle developing drugs that include growth inducing hormones and anabolic steroids. Those who follow natural bodybuilding routines can stay assured their way is the right way.

The Benefits of Natural Bodybuilding

There is a whole range of benefits in practicing natural bodybuilding. With the proper effort you will have as good a body as any other bodybuilder. The added advantage is that you will know that the integrity of your body and your character has not been compromised in the process. You have done it the hard way, and you should be immensely proud about it.

Basics of Natural Bodybuilding Routines

Natural Bodybuilding separates itself from other streams of bodybuilding mainly on the issue of dietary habits and practices. But at the end of the day the most crucial thing about bodybuilding and developing muscles boils down to the kind of exercise routine you follow. And that is why it is of utmost importance that you lay a lot of stress on your training procedures.

You have to accept the fact that developing a proper routine involves a lot of research and thinking through. All this takes time and you have to be patient. But the patience pays off in the long run. Once you know which routine works for you, then you can focus on the exercises and you need not unnecessarily worry about injuries or results. The initial time invested in the research takes care of that. With a plan in front of you, you know where to focus and how to go about it. There is little lack of motivation and workout becomes enjoyable.

In the process of selecting the perfect routine it helps if you pick the brains of others - people who have been involved in bodybuilding over the years and know a thing or two about it. Once you have assimilated all your notes, check them with a secondary source to validate your findings. Once you are absolutely sure with what you want the next thing to do is to start your exercise. While it is not a good idea to change your exercise routine every alternate day, it does help if you can change it around in three to four weeks. This creates new challenges for your body - quite important for bodybuilding - and also breaks the monotony.

Essentials of Natural Bodybuilding Routines

Whatever routine you choose there are a few things that you must always take care of.

A. Your routine should focus on all the muscle groups and not focus on only a few regions of the body. All the muscles must be exercised so that you get a perfect body where none of the parts are lacking.

B. Before you begin the intense workout start off with some light cardio exercises of stretching and bending. This will suitably warm you up and make you ready for the bigger weights that follow.

C. You also need to remember to rest between workouts. Rest is at two levels. Once you finish a set of exercise allow yourself about a minute of rest. Don’t rest for too long or your body will cool down and you will be exposed to the risk of injury when you try the second set of exercises. At a larger level, rest is important between every session of gym and the following one. Exercise on alternate days as it allows your body time to recover from the stress it has gone through during the last routine.

D. Once your body gets comfortable with the routine, crank it up a little. Increase the number of repetitions and sets of the exercises. You can also increase the weights so that it becomes more challenging to your body. Also cut down on the rest between two sets. This will develop your cardio vascular system. However, as you go about making the routine more intense, do not push your body so hard that it breaks. You have to maintain a balance.

E. Keep a track of the kind of exercises you are doing and at what intensity. Also keep track of your weight and vital statistics. You can also record the growth of various muscles in your body. Keeping a photographic record will also help.
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New member
Apr 20, 2020
Indeed. That is a very informative article. I just started my journey towards fitness and muscle building. I try to get my diet right especially during the pandemic. Moreover, I am working on all muscles of my body through push ups, running in the morning, sit ups, stretching and I finalize this through some meditation. I hope that over time I'll get to use some tools-like those in the gym. So far so good. This forum has lots of information that I intend to utilize on my journey. I also see that there are numerous like-minded individuals that are willing to give useful insights on the best products in the market. I am therefore sure to get the best.


New member
Jun 11, 2020
No pain no gain. I am so tired sometimes I never increase my number of reps maybe that is why I am not so impressed with my results. I have been in a comfort area mainly because I am happy with the outcome of my hard work. I will also practice consistency in my routine since weekends I never work out.

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