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Neil Hill vs William Bonac



Mecca V.I.P.
Apr 10, 2014
Neil Hill
Have you all heard this shit going on between Neil Hill and William Bonac? How will this impact Bonac's Olympia performance this year?

Here are some excerpts from these guys.

William Bonac:
"I don’t think, I know for sure I’m better off alone. Yeah, I just wanted to let you guys know, I’m no longer with Y3T anymore. And now, I can understand and I can really relate with those who have been before me. So, to all the new athletes who’s looking for a coach or whatsoever, think twice. Some people, they just want to make money over you. And once you wake up, and you open up your eyes, and you reduce it….then they start acting strange.”

William Bonac would go on to direct his aim specifically at Hill. He called out his former coach for getting 40% of his winnings. Bonac explained he asked around about how much other athletes pay their managers less, changing his ideas on things.

“Listen, if there is somebody that I have to pay money, it should my training partner. He’s the one who putting all the work with me, day in day out in the gym. Not my coach.”

“Be real. You have eaten enough for me, for the past six years, okay? Just be grateful, and say ‘Thank you William, thank you. Because of you, I got a roof over my head, and I didn’t do s–t for it.”

“I was fooling myself, man. Putting myself down, my family down, in order to let others eat from me. Keeping me a fool.”

Neil Hill:
“I never took 40% from William’s salary. I never touched William’s salary. The only contracted deal we had with each other was, and we have signed contracts of this, is that I would take 20% of his prize money, and 20% of his bonus money from the companies that I bring into his life. Not at any time did I take 40% of his prize money, 40% of his salary, 40% of his bonus., not at any time. Not at any time whatsoever.”

“William and myself renegotiated a new contract, where I no longer took 20% of William’s prize money, I only took 10% of his prize money. And I have the contracts drawn up and signed by William, and drawn up by myself. That took place.”

“Then William sent me a contract, and in the contract the contract had changed to what we agreed on, where William only wanted me to receive 10% of the Olympia, which we agreed on, and 10% of all other shows. But, if he didn’t win the Arnold, the contract was worded as if I wasn’t going to get paid.”

"Then he phones me up, and starts threatening me on the phone. And then he put the phone on me, before I had the chances to say anything. I said ‘Okay cool, no problems. I’m going to send it anyway,’ And that’s when he went on Instagram. That’s exactly what happened.”

“I really do love William. I care about him massively. Our relationship is over. I don’t feel like I need to apologize for anything I have done. Do I think he needs to apologize? Yeah, I think he needs to apologize. But I know William, he won’t apologize, because that’s the type of person he is. At the end of day I can look in the mirror and feel very prideful of who I am, and how I’ve conducted myself.”

It is a huge mistake for William Bonac to dump Yoda who is probably the best bodybuilding trainer in the business this close to the Olympia over what seems like money.