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Police Use Miis to Solve Case



Jun 27, 2006
Cops are smart. Well, some of them are. The police in UK's West Yorkshire seem pretty bright and have figured way to track down the owners of a stolen Wii: The console's Miis. The Wii was stolen by a 32-year-old man arrested earlier this month. It contains 16 Miis with names that include Seb, Pheebes, Nicks and Evie. Says Officer Neil Johnson:

The Nintendo Wii looks new and is thought to have been stolen before January 1. It may have been a Christmas present. If anyone has devised these characters listed and the Wii has gone missing, then please contact us urgently.

Very clever! Guess that's why they're cops, eh? The police have the console's ID number and ask that anyone who might be able to claim the console telephone them.
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