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Road to the ANB states and the INBA states...can TyrVadir win on debut?!?!


New member
Dec 29, 2007
Ok after reading soooo many of these training logs and after getting a call from a promoter yesterday ive decided to do one of my own, and see how i go.

current weight (24/1/2008): 94kgs [207lbs]
goal (by september this year): somewhere around the high 80's

well today being the first day of my log, i woke up and did this:

3 whole eggs, banana, protein shake, 5x Dymatize super aminos, 1x CLA, and 2 glasses milk.

cant wait for training today back and biceps workout A. just to give you guys an idea here is my split routine:

Chest A

Incline bench 4x8-12
flat bench 4x8-12
Dips 4x as many as possible
seated shoulder press 4x 8-12
Giant set:

{front raise, side laterals, and rear delt fly} 4x 10
tricep pulldown 4x 20
french press 4x 20
d/bell trap shrugs 3x 20

Back A

Chins 4x as many as possible
Deadlifts 4x 10-12
barbell rows 4x 10-12 (2 sets wide grip, 2 sets close grip palms facing outward)
1 arm d/bell rows 4x 8-10
cable rows 4x10-12
concentration curls 4x 20
alternate d/bell curls 4x 10

Legs A

Squats 4x 8-12
leg press 4x 20
leg extension 4x 10
leg curl 4x 10
seated calf raise 4x 30
standing smith calf 4x 30
walking lunges 3x 20metres

Chest B

incline d/bell press 3x 15
flat d/bell press 3x15
d/bell flye 3x 15
cable x-over 3x 20
standing military press 3x 15
clean and press 3x 10
cable flyes (rear and side)
overhead tricep pullover 3x 20
flat tricep press 3x 20
b/bell shrugs 3x 10

Back B

wide grip lat p/down 3x 15
wide supinated grip lat p/down 3x 15
cable rows 3x 15
hammer strength iso-lateral high row 3x15
t-bar 3x15
1 arm d/bell rows 3x15
barbell curl 3x 10
preacher curl 3x10
cable curl 3x 10

Legs B

standing calf 3x20
seated calf 3x 20
leg curl 3x15
leg xtension 3x15
d/bell step ups 3x 10
deadlifts 3x 15
60kgs walking lunges 3x 20metres

well thats it lets see if i can bring home the title!!! (wish me luck fellas im going to need it)


Mecca V.I.P.
Jul 15, 2006
Good to see a new log. High reps on the big lifts there. Looking forward to seeing you put up a session.


New member
Dec 29, 2007
Log 28th Jan 2008

Ok was at my gf (i promised her that she could have me to herself for a day..arent i a sweetie pfft) so i went to her gym for a hefty back workout, only difference is that on this day i felt like doing delts aswell.

so started off with some deads, started off nice and easy 220lbs, did a warm up set of 6 reps, then was feeling a little off but still strong so upped it to 140kgs have no idea what that is in lbs and then busted out with 10 reps, then for the last 3 sets upped it to 150kgs for 8 reps.

next was barbell rows, really really wide grip with 80kgs 4 sets with 10 reps apiece. (still feeling good)

next was a superset of lat p/down with 10 reps of wide grip and 10 reps of wide-grip supinated. only difference is that whenever i do supersets i go for 3 sets of between 8-10, capped it off with a cable row and 1 arm d/bell row

65kgs for the lats, 95kgs for the cable row and 45kgs for the 1 arm dbell row.

then i went onto biceps nothing major just barbell curls, alternate dumbell curls and capped it off with concentration curls.

then for delts, love doing delts probably because they are one of the bodyparts which needs the most work, started off with 60kgs for standing military press, then a triple superset of front dbell raise, side laterals and rear flyes.......owski hahah

and yea thats that for today later on tonite ill be recording my chest session.


New member
Dec 29, 2007
though i have to say after busting out with that my back was killing me haa