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Saw V - trailer


Jun 27, 2006
LionGate try too hard to be dark and gritty. Its dumb. If you want gore, just get your fix with august underground.

Spend your money on a good movie.


Mecca V.I.P.
Jul 19, 2006
They all suck. Every last one of them.

all suck? hmmm maybe... but they are till decent to watch if there is nothing else to watch.
the first one started off good, then it kept dragging on over and over throughout each one the brought out, with knowing what was going to happen next.

the idea's that they come up with , for the puzzles etc are pretty cool, it might of been in the second one with all those needles in the hole and the chick had to jump in there to find a key, now that was some weird shit.

but then again there has been worse horror movies out in the past and current now.

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