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Sick Bastard Bodybuilder's cute snap with girlfriend before dumping her body in acid bath

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Bodybuilding News

Bodybuilding News

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Jul 17, 2013
Bodybuilder's cute snap with girlfriend before dumping her body in acid bath

Meraj Zafar is accused of murdering partner Aminah Hyatt, who was found by police dead in a bathtub filled with acid at the couple's apartment on Sunday

An alleged acid bath killer shared a photo of him embracing his girlfriend just days before he was charged with her murder.

Meraj Zafar, a bodybuilder, is accused of killing girlfriend Aminah Hyatt, 19, before dumping her body into a bathtub filled with acid, where her remains were found by police on Sunday.

It is reported the couple had been married just weeks before Hyatt's remains were found in the bathtub at their property in Sydney, Australia, although this is unconfirmed.

Court papers say Hayat may have been in the tub of acid for more than a day before she was found, Daily Mail reported.

Further prosecution documents have revealed that Hayat was murdered between midday and 5pm on Saturday, more than 24 hours before her body was found.

Meraj zafar

Worried relatives raised concerns with police on Sunday, who smashed their way into the apartment and discovered the deceased dissolving in the acid bath.

Detectives soon launched a manhunt for Zafar, with police seeking the accused for a few hours until he handed himself in to police.

Hayat had travelled from Bangladesh to Australia, before meeting her her alleged killer, marrying him "within weeks" of her death in a whirlwind romance that allegedly upset both families.

Zafar's lawyer, Mohamad Sakr, faced court on his behalf on Tuesday and said the alleged killer was "distraught" about being in custody.

Hayat's mother and father, Abu and Mahafuza, were devastated by the news, and spoke of the tragedy in an interview with news.com.au.

Her father said: "Everybody hoped she'd become a doctor. She wanted to help people," before repeating "I want my daughter, I want my daughter".

Zafar owned a large truck and black BMW coupe, the latter of which was allegedly searched and subsequently removed by detectives.

Mr Sakr did not apply for bail on behalf of Zafar, and bail was formally refused by magistrate Shane McAnulty.

The case is set to resume at Parramatta Court on April 5, with Sakr saying he does not know if his client will apply for bail at that time.

Sakr could not comment on whether the accused had injuries or if he had support from family members, but commended his client for turning himself in.

Paramatta Police Area Commander, Superintendent Julie Boon, said in a statement: "The officers forced entry into the unit and inside the bathroom they found the body of a female.

"I can only confirm there were chemicals found inside the bathroom of the unit. I can't confirm what they were.

"The scene was very challenging for arriving police. When they did arrive and found chemicals at the unit, they retreated and called other units."

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