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Spiked Supplements? Blackstone Labs Not Alone

Joe Pietaro

Joe Pietaro Contributer
May 30, 2014
The biggest surprise about the indictment handed down to Blackstone Labs is that it is anything but a surprise. Supplement companies have been spiking their products for decades and are always looking to circumvent the rules. And it's a simple reason for that - all supplements are the same unless there's a 'secret' ingredient in them.

Back when pro hormones were perfectly legal, supplement companies were spiking with anabolic steroids and usually in just the first batch. Word would spread throughout the industry that 'Product A' was the real deal and everyone would run and buy it. Then the next batch - if the manufacturers were smart - would not include that banned substance and it would take some time before enough people noticed that either something was amiss or the ones lauding it were full of shit.

But once pro hormones were put on the banned list, supplement companies have tried to relabel their stock including them that had to be pulled off the shelves or hiding it under some nickname as part of a 'proprietary blend.' It gave these companies a plethora of options to make a simple product the hot one in the industry and they could run the gamut by staying one step ahead of the authorities by changing the one the taboo substances were in.

Sooner or later, though, this can come back to bite the company in the ass and that appears to be the case with Blackstone Labs, who have had their warehouses raided by the authorities in the past for banned substances in products. And the feds obviously flipped four people who either worked for or were closely associated with the Blackstone Labs hierarchy. Named as "unindicted co-conspirator' numbers one through four, these folks handed over evidence such as emails, text messages and were party to first-hand conversations that P.J. Braun, Aaron Singerman and others were having.

The bottom line is that the supplement industry isn't where you should be getting your performance-enhancing drugs - if you're aware of it or not. But no shock that this has once again come up.
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