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TEST with no Doctor appointment?

MD Bodybuilding

MD Bodybuilding

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Aug 6, 2021
Time Stamps for Q&A: 4:08
I am taking 250 mg test a week and my latest blood test hemoglobin is 20 and hematocrit was 60 I just had a sleep study done and the doctor informed me I do not have sleep apnea but my blood oxygen level was low does the thick blood create low blood oxygen or does blood oxygen cause thick blood. Is there any anabolic that does not increase blood thickness? I presently donate blood on a daily basis and consume Omega 3 supplements with each meal.

Can steroids lead to cramping and poor blood circulation? When I increase the dose, I get muscular spasms when I make a sudden movement, and my arms and legs occasionally become numb. I normally take testosterone and occasionally EQ. And oral steroids here and there.
Is HCG monotherapy superior than TRT for life? This topic is hotly debated, yet no one has a definitive solution. I've been on TRT+HCG for about a year and a half. I'm doing 200-250 Sustanon or Enanthate(Underground labs), split into 2 doses, monday, thursday and HCG, 1500IU, broken into 3 shots: Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Why do I feel so much more libido and horny after I discontinue TRT and only use HCG? Is it because I'm using Underground Labs testosterone? Also, if I don't take my testosterone injection, my desire skyrockets. On the other side, if I miss my HCG dose, my libido goes into the toilet. Also, going just on testosterone (without HCG) causes my sex drive and desire to plummet. What is causing this? Shouldn't Testosterone enough for high sex desire and libido? What do you think, would HCG monotherapy be long-term? What about down-regulation? I saw a study that used HCG levels of up to 10.000IU/week for years with no down-regulation.
Question: I know stimulants are potentially dangerous, but what is more dangerous for the health, 25mg of Ephedrin Hcl(the real hcl) or 25mg Dmaa/dmha.
Question: Do DHT derivatives, such as Proviron and Primo, have more of an influence on the prostate and hair compared to other forms of steroids?
Have you tried sublingual Viagra? I’m using it every day and find it superior at 25mg versus 5mg Cialis. Excellent for pumps and boners. I believe the sublingual method has a longer T1/2 as well because it lasts me all day.
I've only been on GH for two weeks and I'm already experiencing water retention. Is this typical? And will it finally go away, or will I retain water for the duration of my GH use?
I've been feeling off-kilter lately because I've been on TRT at 150mg weekly for two years. Bloods are fine only issue I notice possible is my shbg is awlys low at 11 and Ferratin is on low normal at 42 furthermore recent labs showed my TSH at 5.9 Could any of these markers be causing this sensation? Thank you Dr T
Is there a way to get tests in the US without having to go to the doctor all the time? My doctor sees me every couple of months for $140 merely to check in and issue the prescription for the following couple of months. It stinks.
I've been hearing a lot about the importance of insulin in muscle growth. Is there anything I should consume at specific times to cause the body to release insulin? Also what can I do about continuous muscular cramps? Is this a result of the gear?