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The Different Blends of Testosterone

Joe Pietaro

Joe Pietaro

Joe Pietaro Contributer
May 30, 2014
Remember that old commercial with the tag line, "Motor oil is motor oil?" Well, the answer to that was no and the same question and answer can be stated for testosterone. The most basic form of AAS is complicated when it comes to choosing the right blend and why. Knowledge is key and so is using it under a physician's care, but even he or she may not be totally up on the differences between one type of test and another.

In this piece, we will stick to the injectable types of testosterone. But please keep in mind that there are other methods of delivery for it and while they may have some advantages (you chickens who do not like needles know who we're referring to), they are not as reliable and strong as the injectables. The vast majority of these are 200 milligrams per millimeter and while there are black market versions that are stronger (250, 300, 400), be wary of what is the actual number and not just an eye-catching label.

These are IM injections and if you're going to do them, do them right; the under-the-skin insulin-style needles are not as good as injecting the compound directly into a muscle. The two most popular areas are the buttocks and deltoids. Some people choose to pin their thighs, but that is an area prone to lingering soreness.

So what are the different blends?

1 - TESTOSTERONE CYPIONATE (DEPO-TESTOSTERONE) - The most common one is cyp and has an ester that is in between the fast acting and slow acting types. This is a blend that you can use once or twice a week ( reading up the total dosage in half for the latter) with great success.

2 - TESTOSTERONE ENANTHATE - Similar to cypionate, Test E has a longer acting ester and is better for those of you who do not like to pin often. Once a week or even every 10-to-14 days is the usual dosage.

3 - TESTOSTERONE PROPIONATE - This is a very fast acting ester and should be used every three or four days.

4 - TESTOSTERONE SUSPENSION - A water-based compound (the others are oil based), this is a fast acting compound and is used either the same amount ir even more frequent than prop.

5 - TESTOSTERONE UNDECANOATE - The injectable version is one that has a long acting ester and can be spaced out every two weeks. You can also find oral versions of this if you search long and hard and they are large oval brown coated pills.

6 - SUSTANON 250 - This is a multi-blend with both fast and slow acting esters and is very popular amongst bodybuilders.

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