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The Philippines and the UN


Jun 9, 2018
Just recently the Philippines was voted as one of the member countries in the Human rights UN Council. This as a spate of human rights accusations are being thrown at the country in the wake of its war on drugs campaign where some thousands have been killed via extra judicial killings. But being that as it may, many countries in the UN have probably recognized the anti drugs war as legitimate and necessary.


Well-known member
Jun 16, 2018
This is great news. The funny thing is Duterte was criticized for the deaths of suspected and actual drug dealers. They don't understand that in certain countries such as The Philippines, criminals have been laughing at the government. Now here comes a guy who has a firm hand and doesn’t want his country to become a failed narco-state and he gets a bad reputation from the international community knowing that they have never even visited the country in the first place.