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TRT - Is It For Me? (Part Two) Why Testosterone & Teenagers Do Not Mix

Joe Pietaro

Joe Pietaro

Joe Pietaro Contributer
May 30, 2014
In Part One, the basics of Testosterone Replacement Therapy were discussed, but we teased the use of steroids while your body was still naturally producing the hormones. Let's cover that in depth here and hopefully change some youngsters' minds before they make a huge mistake, one that may take years or never be rectified. And it's not some parental-type speech, neither, trying to talk down and convey that it's only something that adults should indulge in (the old 'not for thee, only for me' analogy). But all jokes aside, that is the way it is.

When high school athletes take steroids, they have a period of time where they feel and look like a superhero. Looking at it biologically, it makes sense; their bodies are racing with natural testosterone at this age. Then they begin to pin AAS, doubling the testosterone in them, which leads to incredible muscle growth, especially if they are eating clean and lifting weights regularly. So that kid on the varsity football team who went up two jersey sizes since JV is as big as a house with little-to-no body fat for a good reason.

But guess what? At some point, the brain is going to begin to realize that there is plenty of test in the tank and the natural production will not only slow down but pretty much cease completely. And when football season ends (or the teenager runs out of money), he feels that he doesn't need to juice up anymore. And then his test level begins to collapse lower and lower with no rescue from 'the boys' who are now retired.

So the only way for this young man to get back on track is to get his hormones regulated by a physician and get on TRT. If he's lucky, things may level off at some point and his natural production will get a kickstart. But that is not an exact science and may be unreachable. But at least there is a chance. But why take it to begin with? If your body is at its peak when it comes to producing natural testosterone, why throw it off by adding the fake stuff? Those gains are temporary only.

This advice is the same for an older person who is lucky enough to have a high natural test level. If you are in your 40s and have a level 700 or higher, stand pat and don't use TRT. If you do, it will end your natural production will fizzle away. It will lower each year on its own, which is the normal course of biology in males. So enjoy that high level and don't mess with it. Do regular blood work and when it hits 400, ask your doctor for TRT.
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