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UFC 300: Pereira vs. Hill



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Aug 7, 2023

UFC 300​

UFC 300 hits the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada, this Saturday, April 13th, promising a night of nonstop action. The main event features a Light Heavyweight Championship clash between current champion Alex Pereira and challenger Jamahal Hill. This highly anticipated bout is just one of several championship fights and marquee matchups that make UFC 300 a must-watch for fight fans.

Event Overview​

UFC 300: Pereira vs. Hill
Date: April 13, 2024
Venue: T-Mobile Arena

In 2017, T-Mobile Arena became the first to have a long-term agreement with the UFC, designating it as an "Anchor Tenant." It solidified the arena's commitment to hosting major UFC events. It hosted several record-breaking UFC events regarding attendance and revenue, showcasing its popularity and significance within the MMA community.

Since its opening in 2016, T-Mobile Arena has witnessed the rise of numerous champions. It hosted the first UFC event for the newly minted Vegas Golden Knights' home, UFC 200: Tate vs. Nunes, which saw Amanda Nunes begin her dominant reign in the women's Bantamweight division.

The Octagon inside T-Mobile Arena has been the setting for several unforgettable moments. For instance, Michael Bisping's shocking upset victory over Anderson Silva at UFC 217 or Conor McGregor's highly anticipated rematch against Nate Diaz at UFC 202 remains among the promotion's highest-grossing pay-per-view events.


Detailed Fight Card Analysis​

Alex Pereira, the former Middleweight Champion, shocked the world when he knocked out Israel Adesanya at UFC 287 to claim the Light Heavyweight title. Now, he looks to defend his belt against the dangerous Jamahal Hill for the first time.

Pereira is known for his devastating knockout power, particularly in his leg kicks. Hill, a former Light Heavyweight champion himself, is returning from injury and boasts impressive striking with knockout power of his own. This fight is a clash of styles and a battle between two fighters who can end the fight at any moment.

UFC 300 is full of championship glory. Fans will also see Zhang Weili defend her Strawweight title against Yan Xiaonan, and Justin Gaethje lock horns with Max Holloway in a highly anticipated battle for the BMF Championship. The card is stacked with other exciting matchups, including the return of wrestling phenom Bo Nickal and a Lightweight bout between Charles Oliveira and Arman Tsarukyan.

Main Event Spotlight​

Alex Pereira​

Pereira is a Muay Thai specialist with devastating leg kicks and knockout power in his hands, particularly his left hook. He excels at pressuring opponents, utilizing his kicks to chop down their legs and open them up for punches. Defensively, Pereira can be susceptible to counters as he tends to drop his hands after throwing combinations. His success hinges on managing distance and utilizing his kicks effectively.

However, Pereira can drop his hands after throwing combinations, leaving him vulnerable to counters. While improving, his wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu aren't his strongest areas. He needs to avoid takedowns and keep the fight standing.


Jamahal Hill​

Hill is a powerful and technical striker with a background in kickboxing. Hill relies on his footwork and range control to find openings for explosive combinations. He's effective in the clinch, utilizing knees and elbows to inflict damage. While dangerous everywhere, Hill can be vulnerable to leg kicks and might struggle against Pereira's pressure if he can't maintain distance.

Still, Hill can be vulnerable to the leg kicks that Pereira is known for. He needs to check them or move out of range effectively. If Pereira can corner him and unleash his pressure attack, Hill might struggle to maintain distance and create openings for his offense.

Hill's kickboxing background provides him with a strong foundation in striking technique. It translates into clean punching mechanics, good footwork, and a well-rounded understanding of striking disciplines.


Predictions and Pre-Fight Analysis​

Fernando Quilles, Jr., an MMA analyst, says, “While Hill is dangerous in his own right, he has never faced someone with the striking pedigree that Pereira has. I can see "Poatan" chopping down Hill's legs with kicks before firing off upstairs. I'm also not sure how Hill will look after the Achilles injury, so I believe things are a bit more certain with Pereira, who I feel will score the TKO finish at some point.”

Analysts draw parallels between Pereira's upcoming fight with Hill and his victory over Adesanya. They point out that Adesanya, like Hill, relies on footwork and technical striking. Pereira's ability to cut off the Octagon and land devastating leg kicks could be a deciding factor, just as it was against Adesanya.

But the odds are with Hill for Christopher de Santiago, another MMA analyst. He shared, “This fight between Jamahal Hill and Alex Pereira is simply a toss-up. While Hill is more well-rounded and has more ways to win, there is no denying that Pereira’s left hook can be a game-changer at any point in the fight. However, the younger Hill is no slouch on the feet, with 7 KOs to his name, and has never been knocked out in his pro career. I believe Hill’s distance management will play a huge factor and think the longer the fight goes, the more it is in his favor. Jamahal Hill by TKO in the championship rounds.”

Some analysts compare Hill's style to Jan Blachowicz, the former Light Heavyweight Champion Pereira defeated for the title. Blachowicz, like Hill, possessed a strong jab and technical striking. They believe Hill could exploit some of the openings Pereira showed against Blachowicz, potentially landing a fight-ending punch.

The Fighters and Their Journey​

Alex “Poatan” Pereira​

Pereira’s nickname translates to "Rough Hand" or "Calloused Hand" in Portuguese. Pereira earned it during his Muay Thai days due to his relentless striking and the power he delivered with his hands.

Pereira trains at the renowned Glover Teixeira's gym in Bethel, Connecticut. This gym is known for its focus on Muay Thai and kickboxing, and it is ideally suited for Pereira's striking style. He honed his devastating leg kicks and powerful punches under the tutelage of experienced Muay Thai coaches.

Jamahal “Sweet Dreams” Hill​

Hill found his “Sweet Dreams” nickname from Beyonce. He mentioned that while his team was working on the papers of his amateur fight, they heard Beyonce’s song and decided that he should be nicknamed “Sweet Dreams.”

Hill trains at Black Lion Jiu-Jitsu Academy, a gym known for its focus on developing well-rounded MMA fighters. He likely benefitted from training alongside talented coaches and sparring partners, sharpening his technical striking and wrestling skills.

Weigh-In Results and Fighter Condition​

Pereira and Hill hitting the championship weight of 205 pounds suggests they had a smooth weight cut. They should be well-hydrated and potentially closer to 100% on fight night, leading to a more exciting and competitive bout.

There were some concerns regarding Jamahal Hill's return from injury. However, he weighed in healthy and appeared ready to go. It remains to be seen if the layoff will affect his performance, but at least no recent injury reports hinder his preparation.

Behind the Scenes​

The NSAC is the primary regulatory body overseeing UFC 300. It is responsible for medical examinations to identify potential health risks before the event. The NSAC enforces rules governing the conduct of the fight, including weight classes, legal strikes, and judging criteria. It also conducts random drug testing on fighters after the event to maintain a clean, competitive environment.

Beyond the action inside the Octagon, a robust roster of sponsors is crucial in making this event a reality. TurboTax steps into the Octagon as the presenting sponsor for UFC 300. DraftKings is the Official Sportsbook Partner. The ever-growing world of cryptocurrency finds representation with Crypto.com's involvement in UFC 300.

Thorne Research steps in to provide essential sports performance nutrition. Monster Energy is a staple in combat sports. Expect to see their recognizable green cans cage side, providing fighters and corners with a source of energy during intense bouts.

Fight Night Implications​

A win for Pereira would solidify his reign as the Light Heavyweight Champion. He would have successfully defended his title in his first defense, establishing himself as a force in the division. A successful title defense could lead to a rematch with Israel Adesanya or a fight against the winner of the upcoming Jiri Prochazka vs. Glover Teixeira Light Heavyweight title eliminator.

A defeat would be a significant setback for Pereira. Depending on the nature of the loss, he might need to work his way back up the rankings with a few wins before another title shot.

A win would propel Hill to the top of the Light Heavyweight division. He would regain the championship he was forced to vacate due to injury and establish himself as a legitimate champion. Hill's path could lead to a rematch with former champion Jan Blachowicz or a potential clash with the Prochazka vs. Teixeira fight winner.

A loss wouldn't necessarily derail Hill's career, but it would put him back in title contention mode. He must showcase his skills with impressive wins to earn another shot at the belt.

Viewing Information​

UFC 300 will be available on ESPN+ in the United States. However, a separate PPV purchase and an ESPN+ subscription will be required. The exact pricing for the PPV might vary depending on your location and existing ESPN+ subscription.

Many cable and satellite providers in the USA will offer UFC 300 as a PPV event. The exact providers and pricing will vary depending on your location and specific package. Contact your provider directly to inquire about purchasing the PPV.

Social Media and Public Opinion​

A major theme under the #UFC300 hashtag is the clashing styles. Fans are excited to see Pereira's devastating leg kicks and knockout power rise against Hill's technical striking and well-rounded skillset. Some fans favor Pereira's experience and finishing ability, while others believe Hill's technical striking and potential to counter could lead to an upset.

Some fans are expressing concern about Hill's return from injury. He hasn't fought in almost a year, and his potential ring rust is a question mark.

Frequently Asked Questions​

What time is the main event?

The main event featuring Alex Pereira vs. Jamahal Hill is expected to start around 7:00 PM PDT (10:00 PM EDT). However, the exact timing can vary depending on the length of undercard fights.

How can I watch UFC 300?

In the USA, you can watch UFC 300 through ESPN+ with a PPV purchase. Many cable and satellite providers will also offer it as a PPV event.

When and where is UFC 300 happening?

UFC 300 occurs on Saturday, April 13, 2024, at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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