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UFC Fight Night: Jairzinho Rozenstruik vs Shamil Gaziev



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Aug 7, 2023

Fight fans around the globe eagerly await the clash between two heavyweights, Jairzinho Rozenstruik and Shamil Gaziev, at UFC Fight Night. It will showcase the talent and strength of the heavyweight division, a weight class that has always captured the imagination of fight enthusiasts. The heavyweights possess unparalleled knockout power, making every bout a potential highlight-reel finish.

Event Overview​

UFC Fight Night: Rozenstruik vs Gaziev
Date: March 5, 2024
Venue: UFC Apex Facility, Las Vegas, Nevada

Before opening in 2019, the UFC primarily rented venues for its events. The Apex marked a turning point, becoming the organization's first dedicated and permanent production facility. This venue allows the UFC greater control over production quality, event scheduling, and overall brand image.

Moreover, the Apex has become the go-to venue for the UFC's renowned contender series. This series is a launching pad for emerging talent, providing a platform for fighters to showcase their skills and earn a spot on the UFC roster.

The Apex sits directly across the street from the UFC Performance Institute, the organization's state-of-the-art athletic training facility. This proximity fosters a unique synergy, allowing fighters to train and compete virtually under one roof, creating a dedicated ecosystem for elite-level MMA development.


Detailed Fight Card Analysis​

The marquee matchup features the 12th-ranked UFC heavyweight, Jairzinho Rozenstruik, squaring off against the undefeated Shamil Gaziev. Rozenstruik (13-5) aims to ascend the rankings, amplifying his record of 12 KO victories and nine first-round finishes, while Gaziev (12-0), a seasoned Dana White's Contender Series participant, endeavors to preserve his unblemished record.

Beyond the main event, other intriguing match-ups for this fight night are Vitor Petrino vs Tyson Pedro. These light heavyweight fighters seek a rebound after setbacks clash in a fight.

Alex Perez vs Muhammad Mokaev is an exciting flyweight bout showcasing Perez's veteran savvy against the rising star Mokaev’s aggression and well-rounded skills.

In the battle of bantamweights, Nurmagomedov’s undefeated record is on the line against the scrappy Almakhan.

Matthew Christopher Schnell vs Steve Erceg is a flyweight clash that promises to deliver fast-paced action as both fighters are known for pushing the tempo.

Main Event Spotlight​

Jairzinho Rozenstruik​

Known for his devastating knockout power, Rozenstruik boasts a 12-5 record, with 12 of his victories ending by KO/TKO. His powerful right hand and catastrophic leg kicks have earned him a reputation as a fearsome striker.

However, Rozenstruik has been working on developing a more well-rounded skillset. He has improved his footwork and takedown defense, making him a more difficult target and reducing his reliance solely on knockout power. He is known for his kickboxing prowess, winning 64 knock-outs from his 85 competitions.

Shamil Gaziev​

Gaziev, the undefeated prospect, enters the Octagon with an impressive 11-0 record. Unlike Rozenstruik, Gaziev's strength lies in his technical striking and well-rounded game. He possesses sharp boxing skills, utilizing footwork, feints, and combinations to create openings for powerful punches and kicks.

While not possessing the raw knockout power of Rozenstruik, Gaziev's ability to pick his shots and exploit openings could prove crucial. Additionally, his grappling background could allow him to control the fight if the striking exchange goes his way.

Predictions and Pre-Fight Analysis​

In the eyes of MMA Analyst Braeden Arbour, Gaziev emerges as an omnipresent threat with rapid hand speed and proficiency in closing distances seamlessly. Adding to his danger is his well-rounded skill set, a rarity in the heavyweight division, posing challenges on the feet and the likelihood of initiating takedowns against Rozenstruik.

Gaziev, known for his explosive starts, predominantly secures victories via first-round stoppages. His pre-UFC prowess showcased a robust double-leg takedown, complemented by adept clinch takedown abilities. Anticipate Gaziev to apply immediate pressure on Rozenstruik, utilizing elbows and knees to coerce him towards the fence, seizing opportunities to bring the fight to the mat.

However, some analysts point to more recent examples. This fight has shades of Francis Ngannou vs. Jairzinho Rozenstruik, where Ngannou possessed calmness and a systematic approach that frustrated Rozenstruik's explosiveness.

On the other hand, according to MMA Analyst Michael Pounders, Rozenstruik, at his peak, embodies an athletic kickboxer with the capacity to dissect opponents methodically over minutes or rounds and the ability to land a fight-ending blow spectacularly.

Yet, Gaziev possesses formidable power, featuring a piston-like right hand, a swift and devastating uppercut, and potent knees in clinch situations. In a split decision against Kirill Kornilov, Gaziev rides a wave of undefeated momentum.

Gaziev thrives near the cage, whether with his back against it or his opponent's, leveraging speed, power, and diverse striking angles to his advantage. Gaziev's striking prowess mirrors an elite bar brawler in confined spaces.

The Fighters and Their Journey​

Jairzinho "Bigi Boy" Rozenstruik

The powerful Surinamese striker's nickname, "Bigi Boy," translates to "Big Boy" in his native Sranan Tongo language. It's a simple yet fitting description of Rozenstruik's imposing physical stature and reputation as a knockout artist.

Rozenstruik trains under the renowned gym SBG Ireland, which is known for developing well-rounded mixed martial artists. His recent training has focused on improving his explosiveness, footwork, and striking defense, aiming to create openings for his powerful blows while avoiding his opponent's strengths.

Shamil Gaziev​

Gaziev hones his skills under the tutelage of Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov, the late father and former coach of UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. This training camp emphasizes a solid wrestling base combined with effective striking, allowing Gaziev to utilize takedowns to control the fight and limit Rozenstruik's opportunities to unleash his power.

Weigh-In Results and Fighter Condition​

Rozenstruik, known for his devastating knockout power, tipped the scales at 257 pounds, well within the heavyweight limit. Looking focused and determined, he has successfully navigated the weight cut, potentially allowing him to maintain his full power for fight night.

Gaziev surprised some by weighing in at 261 pounds, coming in slightly heavier than anticipated. However, he remained within the heavyweight limit, indicating a potentially different game plan than his usual emphasis on agility and technical striking.

With no reported injuries and both fighters hitting the mark on the scale, anticipation continues to rise for the main event.

Behind the Scenes​

While the electrifying fights inside the Octagon steal the spotlight at Rozenstruik vs Shamil Gaziev, a complex web of oversight, regulations, and significant sponsors ensures the event runs smoothly and safely.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) is responsible for issuing licenses to fighters and inspecting venues, and everyone involved follows safety rules. They do medical exams on fighters before the fight and have doctors on hand during the event to ensure safety. The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) also tests players yearly to ensure the playing field is fair and to protect their health.

In addition, the UFC Anti-Doping Policy uses a wide range of tests and punishments to stop and punish people who use drugs to improve their performance. These attempts work together to create a strong system that protects fighters and ensures fair competition.

This match’s presenting sponsors are Bud Light and Cuervo. ESPN+ facilitates the pay-per-view broadcast of the event, generating revenue for the UFC and providing a platform for fans to access the fights.

Fight Night Implications​

Jairzinho Rozenstruik’s win could revitalize his career, potentially earning him a rematch with a top contender or even a shot at the heavyweight title. A loss, however, could push him further down the rankings, requiring him to string together several victories to regain his footing. He can have a rematch with Curtis Blaydes or Derrick Lewis, a potential title shot trajectory.

An upset victory would propel Shamil Gaziev into the heavyweight spotlight, potentially earning him a fight against a ranked opponent or even a top contender. Even a competitive loss against Rozenstruik could solidify his status as a rising prospect.

If Gaziev wins, Fighting against a ranked opponent like Tai Tuivasa or Alexander Volkov could lead to a meteoric rise in the rankings.

Viewing Information​

UFC Fight Pass is available for UFC fans. Viewers can gain access to the entire fight card, including the main event and co-main event that promise to be the highlight of the evening. The Fight Pass subscription not only grants access to live events but also offers an extensive library of past fights, original content, and exclusive interviews, providing a comprehensive UFC experience.

In recent years, ESPN+ has become a digital hub for sports fans. People who subscribe to ESPN+ can watch the whole event live and also get access to a lot of other sports material. This choice suits people who cut the cord and like having the freedom to stream on different devices.

Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook will also provide bite-sized moments, live updates, and post-fight analyses. Some streamers keep fans in the loop even without access to the live action.

Social Media and Public Opinion​

One cannot ignore the power of hashtags in the social media landscape, and UFC 238 has its digital battle cry with #UFCVegas87. Fans talk about both fighter’s previous fights. They examine the fighting abilities and how they can benefit both sides.

Fans take to their favorite fighters' social media profiles to express admiration and support. From tagging fighters in appreciation posts to share their favorite quotes or fight predictions, social media has become a virtual autograph session where fans connect with their favored athletes.

Frequently Asked Questions​

What are the expert predictions for tonight's UFC fights?

Gaziev's well-rounded skillset has garnered respect and predictions of victory from several MMA analysts. His sharp boxing skills, footwork, and calculated striking have impressed experts who believe it will be crucial for him to keep the fight at a distance and avoid brawling with Rozenstruik. However, Rozenstruik's potential strategy might involve pressuring Gaziev early and forcing him into errors that could create openings for a knockout blow.

Who is fighting in the main event of tonight's UFC card?

In the heavyweight showdown, the powerful striker Jairzinho "Bigi Boy" Rozenstruik will take on Shamil Gaziev, known for his technical skills.

What time does the UFC fight card start tonight?

The UFC fight card kicks off tonight, March 3rd, at 5:00 AM GMT+8. For Pacific Standard Time (PST), it will start on March 2nd, 10:00 PM. For Eastern Standard Time (EST), it will begin on March 3rd, 1:00 AM. It is scheduled for Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on March 3rd, 06:00.