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UFC Fight Night: Nicolau vs Perez



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Aug 7, 2023
On Saturday, April 27th, the UFC Apex in Las Vegas will host the UFC on ESPN: Nicolau vs. Perez. While not a Pay-Per-View event, this Fight Night is an important stop in the UFC calendar, filling out the schedule and giving rising stars a chance to shine.

The main event features a flyweight clash between Matheus Nicolau and Alex Perez. This matchup holds weight for the division, as the winner could find themselves on the cusp of title contention.

Event Overview​

UFC Fight Night: Nicolau vs Perez
Date: Saturday at 7pm ET / 4pm PT.
Venue: UFC Apex Facility, Enterprise, Nevada

The UFC Apex is a centralized venue for many UFC events, including fight nights, contender series, and The Ultimate Fighter. Its location in Las Vegas, Nevada, provides easy access for fighters, trainers, and staff.

The facility has state-of-the-art production technology, including multiple HD cameras, lighting rigs, and a control room. It allows for high-quality broadcasts and streaming of UFC events to millions of viewers worldwide.

Besides hosting events, the UFC Apex serves as a training and development hub for fighters. It offers a world-class training facility where athletes can hone their skills and prepare for upcoming fights.

Creating the UFC Apex represents an innovative approach to MMA promotion and production. By having a dedicated facility tailored to the sport's needs, the UFC can deliver a consistently high-quality product to fans while nurturing talent and advancing the sport's development.

Detailed Fight Card Analysis​

The main event features a pivotal flyweight bout with potential title implications. Nicolau looks to build on a dominant decision win in his last outing. Across the octagon, the heavy-handed Perez brings a wealth of experience, having previously challenged for the UFC flyweight championship. Both fighters are hungry for a win, and the flyweight division could see a new contender emerge on Saturday night.

For the light heavyweight division, Ryan Spann (21-9) returns after a knockout win to take on Bogdan Guskov (15-7), a veteran with a powerful striking arsenal.

Ariane Lipski (17-8) looks to add another win to her record against the dangerous Karine Silva (17-4) in the women’s flyweight division.

In a heavyweight clash, Up-and-comer Austen Lane (12-4) takes on the experienced Jhonata Diniz (6-0).

UFC veteran Tim Means (33-15-1) will use his experience against rising prospect Uroš Medić (19-2).

Main Event Spotlight​

Matheus Nicolau​

Nicolau is a 31-year-old Brazilian professional mixed martial artist known for his well-rounded skillset and suffocating grappling pressure. Boasting a record of 19 submission victories, Nicolau is a master on the ground, transitioning seamlessly between takedowns, sweeps, and submissions.

On the feet, Nicolau is not slouching, either. He possesses sharp technical striking, focusing on leg kicks and counterpunching. His last outing showcased his complete skillset, as he dominated his opponent with takedowns and ground control en route to a clear decision victory.

Nicolau will likely use his takedowns to neutralize Perez's striking and work for submissions on the ground. The key to victory for Nicolau will be his ability to get the fight to the ground consistently. His MMA background could decide whether he can establish control and avoid Perez's power punches.

Alex Perez​

Across the octagon stands Alex Perez, a 32-year-old American with a thunderous left hand and relentless pressure. Perez is a volume striker who likes to overwhelm his opponents with combinations. His aggressive wrestling complements his striking, allowing him to close the distance and unleash his heavy punches.

While not as decorated on the ground as Nicolau, Perez has decent takedown defense and a knack for finding scrambles to get back to his feet. His biggest weakness is his tendency to leave himself open after throwing flurries, making him vulnerable to counters.

Perez will aim to keep the fight standing, peppering Nicolau with punches and defending takedowns. His success hinges on maintaining distance and landing clean combinations while remaining cautious of Nicolau's takedown attempts.

Predictions and Pre-Fight Analysis​

Many experts consider this matchup a close call. "It's a pick- 'em fight," says an MMA analyst. Nicolau's grappling is a huge advantage, but Nicolau cannot overlook Perez's power."

While some analysts favor Nicolau's grappling dominance, others see Perez's striking as the deciding factor. "This fight hinges on where it takes place," says another MMA expert. "If it stays standing, Perez could find a knockout. If it goes to the ground, Nicolau might tap him out."

Some compare past flyweight title fights, particularly Joseph Benavidez vs. Deiveson Figueiredo. Benavidez, a skilled grappler, struggled to implement his takedown game against the powerful Figuereido, ultimately losing via knockout.

The Fighters and Their Journey​

Nicolau hails from the renowned UFC GYM in Orlando, Florida. This camp is known for emphasizing well-rounded MMA fighters, particularly in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which perfectly align with Nicolau's skillset.

Perez trains out of Factory X in Miami, Florida. This gym boasts a strong wrestling program and a reputation for developing well-conditioned fighters focusing on pressure striking, which complements Perez's aggressive fighting style.

In the weeks leading up to the fight, both Nicolau and Perez have been diligently training at their respective camps. Nicolau has focused on Guerilla Jui Jitsu, sharpening his takedown entries and refining his submission techniques to neutralize Perez's striking. On the other hand, Perez has probably been honing his footwork and developing strategies to counter Nicolau's grappling attempts while maintaining his signature pressure striking.

Weigh-In Results and Fighter Condition​

Both fighters made weight for their flyweight (125 lbs) championship eliminator. The main event will proceed without any fight purse forfeitures or weight class disadvantages. Since Nicolau and Perez weighed comfortably, they'd enter the fight without any hydration disadvantages. It ensures a fair playing field where their skills and strategies ultimately decide the victor.

There haven't been any reports of missed weight cuts or injuries sustained during training that would jeopardize any fights on the card. It is positive news, ensuring all athletes are healthy and ready to compete at their best.

While no weight-related concerns exist, some analysts believe successful weight cuts can provide a mental edge on fight night. A fighter who gains weight easily might feel more confident and focused in the octagon.

Behind the Scenes​

The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) is the primary regulatory body for UFC Fight Night: Nicolau vs. Perez. The NSAC conducts rigorous medical examinations on fighters before and after the fights, and certified ringside physicians monitor fighters' well-being throughout the event.

It implements a strict anti-doping policy with random drug testing to maintain a level playing field and athlete safety. It also enforces the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts (UMMA) to ensure fair and consistent judging during the fights.

Fight Night Implications​

A dominant victory for Nicolau would solidify his well-rounded skillset and solidify him as the next challenger. His path to the title could see him face the winner of a potential future fight between current champion Deiveson Figueiredo and Brandon Moreno, who are locked in a trilogy. A decisive win could propel him to the number one contender spot, potentially leapfrogging other top-ranked flyweights.

A come-from-behind win for Perez would testify to his resilience and power. He could face the same potential future champion as Nicolau, putting him back in title contention after his unsuccessful attempt. An impressive win could see Perez climb back into the top five rankings, putting him back in the mix for a title shot.

Viewing Information​

The event is available on ESPN+ in the United States. Check your local listings to confirm your area's channel number and broadcast time. Existing ESPN+ subscribers are in luck—you can catch all the action for free simply by logging into your account.

For regions outside the United States, broadcast and streaming options will vary depending on location. You can usually find information about local broadcasts and streaming services on the UFC website or app.

Social Media and Public Opinion​

Many fans are intrigued by the clash of styles between Nicolau's grappling prowess and Perez's heavy-handed striking. Tweets like "Can't wait to see if Nicolau can take Perez down and control the fight" and "Hoping Perez keeps it standing and lands that KO punch!" highlight the key aspects fans look forward to.

Fans are eager to see how this stylistic clash plays out and who will emerge as the next contender in the flyweight division. Hashtags like #UFCVegas91 and #NicolauvsPerez are trending as fans gear up for the event.

Frequently Asked Questions​

What are the fighters' strengths and weaknesses?

Nicolau is known for his well-rounded skillset and elite jiu-jitsu, while Perez is a heavy-handed pressure fighter with a powerful left hand.

Where can I find more information about the event?

The official UFC website and app will have the latest news, fight cards, and fighter information.

What weight class is the main event?

The main event will be a flyweight clash. Flyweight fights take place between fighters who weigh no more than 125 pounds, making for a fast-paced and technical division known for its skilled strikers and innovative grapplers. Nicolau and Perez must be at their peak physical and mental condition to emerge victorious in this highly anticipated matchup.


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