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Uganda: Bodybuilder Ssenoga Returns to Germany With Hope


Mecca V.I.P.
Apr 10, 2014


Mr Uganda 2016 Andrew Ssenoga returns to Germany with high hopes of winning a medal in the International German Championship at the Edwin-Schaarf Hall in Neu-Ulm tomorrow.

Germany is familiar ground for Ssenoga, where he won a gold medal on his international debut in September 2016, when he competed in the International category, which pooled all athletes from outside Germany.

Tomorrow, however, Ssenoga will face stiffer competition in the Open category. He is nevertheless optimistic.

“Of course I enter every competition expecting victory; I understand the competition is going to be tough but I think I’m set for that victory,” Ssenoga told us before his departure.

Internationale Meisterschaft, as the event is called in German, is organised by the German Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (GNBF), the only organisation that promotes natural, healthy doping-free bodybuilding in Germany.

A win on the international arena among more experienced participants will soothe Ssenoga’s mind and boost his confidence, a week after losing his 2016 Mr Kampala crown to Isaac Mubikirwa at Hotel Grand Global in Makerere Sunday night.

Also on stage will be Ivan Byekwaso, the man who had personalised Ugandan bodybuilding, won international medals and trophies before switching allegiance to Germany last year.

The ever ambitious Byekwaso told Daily Monitor that he targets not less than a third place in this competition.