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US Soldier throws puppy off cliff for fun



Well-known member
Jan 4, 2007
ABC News Runs Defense For Puppy Killer
Collates gaggle of psychologists to claim throwing defenseless animals off cliffs is "way of coping," ignores scores of other abuse videos
Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, March 5, 2008

ABC News has weighed in on the shameful puppy killing video controversy - by running defense for the perpetrators and claiming that hurling the defenseless animal off a cliff was "a way of coping" with a stressful situation for the Marines involved.

The report canvasses psychologists who agree that killing puppies is a logical response to coping with "oppressive surroundings."

Recall that when Osama bin Laden was killing dogs, a propaganda tape that the U.S. media went gaga over ad infinitum, it was an insight into pure evil, but when our boys do it, then it's just to blow off some steam.

Of course there is no mention within the ABC report of the scores of other examples of troops and mercenaries in Iraq killing dogs, blowing up kittens, torturing kids, raping kids, randomly gunning down civilians on highways and beating innocent civilians to death at internment camps like Abu Ghraib.

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The fact that such behavior is endemic proves that the cause is more than some professed psychological hang up about a stressful environment.

Do the Marines in the video look stressed or do they look like they are having a good time tossing a puppy to its death?

The root cause is simple - we have a government that says it's OK to torture people, never mind animals.

The monsters at Abu Ghraib were following orders when they raped people with poles soaked in battery acid - their horrendous enjoyment of it was not a way of "coping with a tough environment," it was a reflection of the fact that they are bloodthirsty psychopaths who should be locked up - not in Iraq attempting to "liberate Iraqis" by molesting children in front of their parents.

When a government gives the green light for children to be tortured in order to elicit information from their parents then anything goes - the gloves are off and tossing a puppy off a cliff becomes a run of the mill prank for the sociopaths that are prepared to follow these kind of orders.

So for ABC News to claim that the incident was merely a psychological response is an establishment media spin tactic to subtly let the Marines off the hook, just as lawyers always encourage serial killers to claim insanity in an effort to reduce their sentence.

Most serial killers are not insane or "reacting to a stressful environment," they are just evil bastards who commit atrocities because they enjoy it - and these Marines are no different.

Should their families receive death threats as has been reported or should they be thrown off cliffs as others demand? Of course not and such a reaction should be frowned upon - but to defend people who kill puppies for fun has got to be a stretch even for the corporate media.

The real reason why the corporate and Neo-Con media have organized to downplay the shameful puppy video is that it is an obvious microcosm for the fury people are expressing against the Iraq war in general and it succinctly eviscerates any kind of pretense that we are there to "win hearts and minds," underscoring the reality of what the invasion was about all along - brutal jackbooted occupation, oppression and domination.


Mecca V.I.P.
Jul 13, 2006
the video of this story has been posted already..